TikToker Shares That Ulta Employees Have To Destroy And Throw Away Most Of The Returned Items

In the US there are no federal laws affecting returns and refunds so Issuing them is at each store’s discretion. That is why stores like Ulta and Sephora are able to accept returns of even used makeup.

Looking from a consumer’s point of view, such store policies are really beneficial to them because if they find that some product doesn’t perform as good as they expected or they feel like certain colors don’t suit them, they can easily get their money back.

However, what people don’t think about is what happens with the products when they are returned. TikTok user bobbi_ann5 who works at Ulta showed that the makeup that wasn’t even used gets destroyed and thrown in the trash which really doesn’t sound right.

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TikToker who works at Ulta lets people know that their returned items with no seal are being destroyed, broken and thrown away

Image credits: biancaann5

The TikToker’s real name is Bianca Ann Levinson and she works in an Ulta in Wichita Falls, Texas. She posted a video that went viral on TikTok with 4.6 millions views in which she revealed where the makeup consumers return is put.

Turns out, all of the products that don’t have the seal on them anymore are destroyed and just thrown out in the bin. Bianca told BuzzFeed that she was shocked to learn how the returns are handled when she first came to work there, but eventually it didn’t bother her as much because it was to prevent cross contamination.

In the viral video Bianca can be seen scrapping eyeshadow with scissors and breaking a lip liner in half

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

In a follow-up video elaborating more on the topic Bianca says that companies do not want their products that were returned to be donated. It is true as they enforce ‘damaging out’ for hygiene reasons. There is no actual law forbidding selling used makeup in the US but there is a bigger chance to catch an infection or a disease. That is why it is not encouraged fearing lawsuits from consumers.

Another reason behind the so-called ‘damaging out’ is making sure they prevent dumpster divers because they have experience of witnessing people taking out the makeup from the dumpsters and coming to the store wanting to return the items or selling them to thrift stores, on Facebook and other places.

Employees can’t take the makeup home with them either and they are always checked before going home if they didn’t take anything. Bianca didn’t explain why they aren’t allowed to do that but it is most probably because of hygiene reasons and to prevent them from selling used makeup and profiting from it.

She explains that it is done because of hygiene precautions and to prevent dumpster diving

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

After people got really mad at Ulta, Bianca came into the store’s defense saying that they are not the only ones doing it. She named Sephora, Bath and Body Work, Target, Walmart and others who also have the same policy.

She believes that these rules are in place for the consumer’s safety but in an interview with BuzzFeed she does mention that if it was her call, she would find a way to sanitize the returned products and donate them to women’s and men’s shelters.

The products can’t be neither donated or taken home by the employees so the woman is urging people to think before buying and returning products

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

With this video the Ulta employee wanted to show what consumers usually don’t see and make them aware of what consequences their actions have. Buying with the intention of returning an item if you don’t like it is a wasteful mindset because the used up product is just thrown away. Maybe knowing what happens behind the scenes will encourage people to think more before purchasing at stores like Ulta and if the item really can’t be used up before deciding to return it.

Image credits: bobbi_ann5

People in the comments of the video were surprised that companies can be so wasteful and can’t think up any alternative solutions. Others were convinced that this is the right thing to do to prevent spreading infections and diseases.

Here you can watch Bianca destroying makeup in action in the viral video

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What is your opinion after finding out that that makeup products that are returned and look like they weren’t used but don’t have a seal on them are destroyed and thrown away? Did you know about that and will it make you think twice before buying or returning a product? Let us know in the comments!

Some people in the comments were really worried about the waste and others thought it is what has to be done in order to sell consumers only the best goods


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