We Show The Impact Lockdown Has Had On Our Faces

We have all been at home for the majority of a year now but with the lifting of restrictions on the horizon, many of us are noticing a shift in our appearance thanks to the pandemic. But just how much have our faces changed? And more importantly, why?

Transform Hospital Group has explored the many different elements that have contributed to the disparity in our before lockdown and after lockdown looks.

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Pre lockdown:

It is clear to see that before lockdown we were all a lot more exhausted and this certainly shows on the face, particularly around the eyes. We forget how getting up earlier for work and spending evenings and weekends socializing took their toll, resulting in dark circles and saggy skin.

This frantic schedule also affected our skincare regime. With less time and budget to spend on looking after our skin, it suffered from blemishes and outbreaks on a regular basis.

We had far less time outside, with most of us spending day after day in a heated/air-conditioned environment. This lack of Vitamin D and subjecting the skin to long periods of unnatural, man-made climate control resulted in the skin with a duller, less healthy appearance.

There were however some elements that we wish would return despite their effects. We were less worried on a day-to-day basis so had fewer wrinkles but had deeper smile lines due to having more to smile about. Salons were open all the time so we looked far more groomed and we had a more streamlined look as we were attending the gym regularly.

Post lockdown:

It has been a stressful year and it shows in our tired-looking skin and new worry lines that are the result of so much emotional upheaval and concern for our loved ones.

Rather than seeing friends, family and going on holiday, we have spent a huge amount of the last year looking at screens: our phones, our laptops, the TV. This has resulted in dry, itchy, and irritated eyes that look slightly sore due to the intense concentration being used.

We have missed eating out at our favorite places and have instead turned to take-out and alcohol at home. And with the journey to work just being a staircase away, many of us have been drinking more without the fear of that dreadful hungover-at-work feeling. Unfortunately, this has shown in our appearance with many of us sporting a fuller face shape and a number of spotty blemishes.

We have benefitted however in the way that we now look and feel far more rested. Dark shadows and bags under the eyes are now a distant memory. We have also learned to embrace the natural side of beauty and have a more sun-kissed look as we have more free time to spend outside.

A spokesperson from Transform said: “Lockdown has physically affected each one of us in some way and this is to be expected. Here at Transform, we offer advice based on your individual needs, skin type, and budget so that whatever you are trying to achieve can be mapped out in a way that works for you. Whether it is a fresher, more youthful look that can be delivered with our Facial Peel or improved skin texture that is helped with our Hydrafacial, we have experts on-hand to guide you through your reverse lockdown process.”


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