Woman shows off hilarious fail after fake tanning when drunk & expecting to wake up as a ‘golden goddess’

ACHIEVING that bronzed look doesn’t always go to plan and fake tan fails really do happen to the best of us.

Avoiding deep shades of orange and streaky hands and feet is difficult to do anyway, let alone when applying fake tan after a drink or two – but that didn’t stop one woman.

One woman shared snaps of the time she drunkenly fake tanned and suffered a huge failCredit: Tik Tok

TikTok user Amber Rae (@colorofyourenergy88) shared her epic tanning fail on social media and confessed that she drunkenly thought she’d wake up looking like a “golden goddess” after going heavy on the tan.

Jokingly recalling the beauty mishap as one of the times she “lost her mind”, Amber shared photographic evidence of her post-drinks tanning session, leaving other beauty fans in stitches.

She teased: “That time I got drunk and used self tanner thinking I would wake up a golden goddess the next day.”

Her face was tinted green from all the layers she had applied, while her feet were left with questionable streaks all around her toes.

Amber was expecting to wake up like a “golden goddess” but it didn’t go to planCredit: Tik Tok

She was left with a green-tinted face and questionable streaks on her feet

She was left with a green-tinted face and questionable streaks on her feetCredit: Tik Tok

Luckily for Amber, she’s not the only one who’s made the mistake and plenty of people could relate.

Hundreds of fake tan lovers commented on her video, that has been watched nearly 200k times, with one person admitting: “I learned this the hard way too! DO NOT self tan while drunk.”

Another said: “This is hilarious! Been there too!”

A third wrote: “Girl, we have all done this,” while one more posted: “I relate so hard lady! And I SWORE I rubbed it in good.”

One tanning fan joked: “I did that sober girl hahaha,” to which Amber replied: “Well that makes me feel better.”

And it turns out it’s not just the fake tan that girls reach for when tipsy.

One woman revealed: “This made me laugh so hard!! I get drunk and colour my hair or bleach it.”

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Woman mortified after massive epic fake tan fail leaves her looking BLUE


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