Woman’s bizarre eyebrow routine which uses a toothbrush leaves viewers divided

THERE are a million ways to do your eyebrows – whether it’s microblading and lamination or soap brows, threading, and gel, the beauty industry has thought of everything. 

Everything except this very unorthodox technique, which a Tiktok user shared on her page to the shock of millions of viewers – and it involves a toothbrush.

Betty's secret weapon for her brows is a toothbrush

Betty’s secret weapon for her brows is a toothbrushCredit: @bettycastillo34

Tiktok user Betty recorded herself doing her eyebrows and quickly went viral for her unusual method.

In the video, she showed the process of how she does her eyebrows before heading out.

First, she showed herself drawing on a quick eyebrow shape using an eyebrow pencil.

Though the shape looked boxy at first, the Tiktok user then produced her secret weapon: a toothbrush.

Her initial eyebrow shape looks boxy - but that's where the toothbrush comes in

Her initial eyebrow shape looks boxy – but that’s where the toothbrush comes inCredit: @bettycastillo34

Using the toothbrush, she blended the pencil-drawn shape across her brow, creating a gradient effect.

Though the eyebrow pencil wound up being very long, she managed to clean it up perfectly using a make-up wipe.

Betty then used a q-tip to neaten up the shape even more.

At the end of the clip, her creatively drawn on brow looked great, and she started to apply her make-up. 

The clip has amassed over 2 million likes, and opinion was totally divided among commenters.

She blends the brow shape with a toothbrush

She blends the brow shape with a toothbrushCredit: @bettycastillo34

Then she uses a q-tip to neaten up the shape

Then she uses a q-tip to neaten up the shapeCredit: @bettycastillo34

And the end results are surprisingly impressive

And the end results are surprisingly impressiveCredit: @bettycastillo34

“Ma’am you deserve some kind of award for this”, wrote one viewer, and another agreed: “You changed the game.”

Some commenters said they didn’t think the hack would work out, but it were shocked by the end result.

“That was the definition of trust the process”, wrote one.

A second said: “This was so satisfying to watch.”

A third impressed viewer wrote: “You scared me in the beginning but damn.”

Some, however, were unconvinced. 

“I feel like you made it a lot more difficult than it needs to be?? Like applying it normally would be easier”, said a critical viewer. 

Another agreed: “The whole process stressed me out.”

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