Woman’s TikTok brow disaster will have you terrified to try the tint at home

AFTER more than a year of being at home without access to professional beauty treatments, plenty of us have been taking a DIY approach.

But one woman on TikTok discovered the perils of self-administered eyebrow treatments the hard way.

TikToker Casey decided to take her viewers through the home eyebrow tintCredit: Tiktok / @caseywsouthern

American TikToker @caseywsouthern started out her at-home dye job by reading the instructions on the pack that suggested users add Vaseline to the skin around their brows to prevent staining.

The jovial influencer announced, “Ya’ll know I won’t be doing that!”

Before proceeding to dab her brows with a wooden applicator until she had a thick brown layer of dye.

Admiring the heavy intermediate look she joked: “This is such a good look!”

She applied the dye with a wooden applicator

She applied the dye with a wooden applicatorCredit: Tiktok / @caseywsouthern

Once the dye was applied she joked that the intermediate stage was a "good look"

Once the dye was applied she joked that the intermediate stage was a “good look”Credit: Tiktok / @caseywsouthern

She then reviewed the instructions which suggested the length of time you should leave the colour on depending on the depth required, a minute and a half for a light tint and three minutes for a darker shade.

Realising that she had already left it on for five minutes, Casey jumped to remove the dark brows with a cotton pad and water only to realise they wouldn’t come off.

Starting to panic she continued to scrub but with no difference to the almost-black facial hair.

In her panic she exclaimed: “I’m a YouTube video!”

She tried alcohol to remove the stains on her skin and asked viewers if they had any advice for rectifying the situation.

Casey began to panic when she wasn't able to remove the dye with warm water

Casey began to panic when she wasn’t able to remove the dye with warm waterCredit: Tiktok / @caseywsouthern

Even some serious scrubbing didn't remove the heavy dye

Even some serious scrubbing didn’t remove the heavy dyeCredit: Tiktok / @caseywsouthern

Casey was not impressed with the end result from her treatment.

Casey was not impressed with the end result from her treatment.Credit: Tiktok / @caseywsouthern

Viewers piled in with varying levels of sympathy. One commented: “Maybe should have put the Vaseline on.”

While another said: “What the Groucho Marx…”

A few others suggested tips to rectify the disaster. One said: “Mr. Clean magic eraser! It works for reg hair dye and spray tan spots on your hands.”

Another added: “Rubbing alcohol for nail polish remover make sure it has acetone in it.”

But Casey isn’t the only one with brow woes, this woman urges people NOT to get their eyebrows microbladed after showing the horrific results FOUR years later.

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