230K People On Twitter Are Here For The Response This Student Received From Schwarzenegger’s Team After Writing Him A Letter

English class used to be my favorite subject in school. The teacher was absolutely amazing and languages were always something that engaged me as a kid.

However, the one thing that we never really got to do during English class was write letters and actually send them to people. It was always pretend letters, and it never really occurred to us that we could actually take the opportunity to write a real one and send it for real.

But others did. This one student from Japan is in the news for doing just that—sending a letter to none other than the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. And what’s better—he got a response.

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Ever had to write a letter to a celebrity? This one 17 Y.O. student wrote A. Schwarzenegger and even got a reply

Image credits: schwarzenegger

Twitter user Schwarz Prinzessin (@shiratuyu1114), with whom Bored Panda got in touch, shared how one day back in junior high, he wrote a letter as part of a ‘write a letter to a celebrity’ assignment for English class.

As you might have guessed, his younger self decided to write a letter to actor, businessman, and overall badass Arnold Schwarzenegger—a hero to many of us in many ways. “I honestly didn’t know that many famous people from overseas, but I knew Arnold and I liked him!” Shiratuyu explained why he chose Schwarzenegger.

He actually wrote the letter as part of an English class assignment, and was surprised to get a response

Image credits: shiratuyu1114

Now, it’s natural to think that celebrities get many letters from fans, and it’s quite possible that many of them end up lost, or at best, read without a response. But we all know how awesome Arnold is, and of course Shiratuyu got a response!

Sure, Mr. Schwarzenegger did not reply himself—his production team did, but hey, that is still amazing. Enclosed was the letter itself as well as a token of appreciation—a signed picture of Arnold.

Granted, it’s Arnold’s team doing the talking, but the letter reached Arnold!

Image credits: shiratuyu1114

The letter thanked the Twitter user for writing to Arnold, saying that he appreciates all of the thousands of letters that he gets from his incredible fans around the world. Unfortunately, Arnold himself isn’t capable of responding to the heaps upon heaps of letters he gets weekly, so he at least acknowledges that he got and read the letter.

“I remember being very surprised and happy when I got the letter—so happy that I jumped up and down from joy.” Unfortunately, though, we asked Shiratuyu if he could tell us what he wrote in the letter, but he cannot remember that—it’s been a while.

Another Tweeter also shared a letter from Arnold from back when he was the Governor of California

Image credits: simonaka0602

The other time he also jumped for joy was when his Tweet went viral. People online loved it and were happy for him. This led to his post gaining nearly 230,000 likes with over 33,000 retweets and making some headlines on the internet.

While many were happy for him and even said that they were a tad bit jealous, one Twitter user commented that English classes in Japan can be boring at times, so it’s nice to see such activities and their potential for motivating students.

Arnold is known to care for his fans, so much in fact that he often talks with them on Reddit

Image credits: schwarzenegger

He also uses his internet presence to send personalized notes and letters, albeit digital, to his fans too

Image credits: GovSchwarzenegger

Believe it or not, Arnold tries really hard to respond to people. There was another Tweeter who shared their letter, this time with a picture of Arnold when he was the Governor of California.

There are also letters and notes online by Arnold himself. Sure, these are digital, but they are posted on the Governator’s social media and dedicated to particular people, so it shows how much he cares about his fans. This is besides his active presence on Reddit and Imgur.

Image credits: GovSchwarzenegger

Image credits: GovSchwarzenegger

Lastly, we’ve asked Shiratuyu what he’d tell Arnold if he were to meet him in person. He said this: “Well, I would be hyped about it, and would take a picture with him for sure, but would probably not know what to say because I’d be star-struck.“

The tweet got nearly 230k likes and over 33k retweets

Image credits: schwarzenegger

What are your thoughts on this? Got stories about Arnold? Let us know in the comment section below!


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