How peeing, spitting and insulting on OnlyFans helps these Scots beauties rake in big bucks

AS the popularity of OnlyFans has exploded, so has the number of previously taboo fetishes — which are now major money-makers.

While many content creators opt for accounts focusing on glamour modelling, others have carved out a niche in the industry by catering to some of the more “forbidden” fantasies.

Nova Jewels rakes in £4,000 a month by peeing

Users can take requests from subscribers and charge whatever they want for custom videos and unique pay-per-view clips.

And this is when they can make serious cash by fulfilling folks’ most weird and wonderful wishes.

From a simple foot fetish to financial domination, there’s a whole host of lucrative likes that can help fund lives of luxury.

As part of our special series on OnlyFans, Senior Features Writer Colan Lamont takes a look at five Scots who lead fabulous lifestyles thanks to fetishes.

Nova Jewels, 26 – Peeing

NOVA quit her job as an overworked wedding co-ordinator and now rakes in £4,000 a month while spending a penny.

The Dundee stunner’s fetish requests include men asking to see her on the loo and even asking her to urinate in a cup. She admits nothing surprises her any more.

Nova says: “I remember when I first did a pee into a cup for someone who was into ‘water sports’ and even that didn’t phase me.

“One of my regulars tips me 150 credits – around £93 – just to watch and then he leaves straight away as soon as I’m finished.

“I never expected to turn 26 years old and literally be able to make money just by going for a 30-second pee.”

Another favourite among her followers is “sploshing” – a popular fetish where someone covers themselves with food and makes a mess.

She added: “I started a trend a while ago which I gave up on very quickly.

“You get national days of the year, for example national carrot cake day, so I bought a carrot cake and covered myself in it.

“What a carry on, though. It was stuck to my body, it was all over my door, there was a bum shaped carrot cake print on my wall where I had leant against it, it was smeared into the carpet.”

Jaelyn Cox is a stripper and Onlyfans model who makes more money while being pregnant

Jaelyn Cox is a stripper and Onlyfans model who makes more money while being pregnant

Jaelyn Cox, 29 – Being pregnant

JAELYN, who makes a living as an OnlyFans model and stripper, worried that being pregnant would be bad for business.

But it turns out that there’s a massive fetish among men attracted to women who are expecting.

The adult entertainer, from Glasgow, has actually made more money since telling customers she was having her second child.

She said: “I was going to stop until I noticed loads of guys have fetishes when you’re pregnant. I did OnlyFans when I was pregnant with my first girl and people asked for pictures of my bump.

“I thought in the strippers it would be harder but guys don’t even mind, I’ll tell them and they’ll still ask for a dance.

“My body has changed, my boobs are massive. I feel like I’ve made more money since I’ve got pregnant.

“When I was trying it in the beginning my confidence was just really low and the more guys weren’t bothered by it and I wasn’t losing money, the more my confidence grew.

“I’ve had people already asking me for pregnant content, pictures of my bump.

“I will probably do that right up until I give birth.”

Alissa Quinn can bring in £4,000 a day

Alissa Quinn can bring in £4,000 a day

Alissa Quinn, 21 – Financial domination

ALISSA always knew she was destined to be successful, but had no idea she would make her money from a fetish known as Findom, which is short for financial domination.

The sex worker, from Edinburgh, demands money from men eager to please her – dubbed “paypigs” in adult entertainment circles – which funds her lavish lifestyle.

Some clients gift as much as £50,000.

Alissa, who grew up in foster care, said: “When it came to joining OnlyFans, I signed up literally the minute I turned 18.

“On a good day I can make up to £4,000 and my yearly salary is way better than those who work 40-hour weeks, which blows my mind.

“I have been in foster care since the age of 14 so going through everything I’ve gone through to now make so much money and be so successful is amazing.

“I always joked that if I ever had a news article about me the title would be foster care to millionaire.

“Now I make five times more than our Prime Minister makes in a year and I love it.

“I can get my eight hours sleep and wake up to what normal people would make in three months.”

Melanie Collett is a Rangers-daft OnlyFans star

Melanie Collett is a Rangers-daft OnlyFans star

Melanie Collett, 21 – Insulting Celtic fans

A RANGERS-MAD model has revealed she gets approached by Celtic fans begging her to humiliate them to satisfy their “odd fetish”.

Melanie Collett is an Ibrox regular and has never been quiet in sharing her love for the Govan side.

The Edinburgh-based beauty can now make up to £1,500 a day with her OnlyFans page.

Having given up her £6-an-hour job at McDonald’s, the model is now raking in the cash with personalised videos “abusing” rival fans at their own request.

Melanie, whose boyfriend convinced her to set up her OnlyFans page, credits football for catapulting her to fame.

She said: “Football has definitely helped my OnlyFans following.

“It doesn’t only attract Rangers fans, but also Celtic fans because I feel like they think it’s a bit risky and wrong in a way – and that’s why they like it.

“The Celtic fans are funny as they like me to send them abuse if they are losing and be horrible to them.

“Some ask me to do custom videos humiliating them and they tell me they have sexual fantasies about getting caught having sex with a Rangers fan.

“It really turns them on and I even had one guy who asked me to send him videos of me saying sectarian abuse, which is where I had to draw the line.

“I get the craziest request from Celtic fans, especially a lot of domination ones.”

Ruby Gloom's fans pay her to spit at them

Ruby Gloom’s fans pay her to spit at them

Ruby Gloom, 20 – Spitting

RUBY says subscribers swoon over her because she is a goth – and that they pay her to SPIT at them.

The hairdressing student from Glasgow was bullied for her look growing up and loves the fact the tide has turned, with men paying big bucks for her custom content.

She went viral after starting a trend on the social media app TikTok and has gone from strength to strength since then.

Ruby said: “I responded to this guy, whose opinions I didn’t like, by stitching the video on TikTok and spitting on my phone.

“From there people started to like it, saying I’d given them a new kink. One guy said ‘please don’t spit’ and I replied, spitting again, which now has 695,000 views.

“The most popular spit video I have is one where I speak and tell my fans they’re disgusting for wanting to be spat on, and spit.

“That video has 740,000 views right now.

I've been without heating for THREE MONTHS - I have to wear a coat to bed
I paid £120 for a new hair style and it looks nothing like what I wanted

“It’s a little strange and definitely unexpected to see so many people view my stuff and telling me I’m the reason they have a spit fetish.

“It’s funny sometimes but I’m very open-minded.”


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