These 30 People Got Blocked By Celebrities And Brands On Social Media, Reveal The Reasons In This Online Thread

Those almost hard-to-comprehend numbers of followers that we see near the names of celebrities’ social media accounts can make it seem as if there’s no way they could ever notice us. Luckily (or not), it’s not as impossible as it sometimes appears to be. As it turns out, some folks out there manage to not only grab the attention of someone famous but even get the pleasure of being blocked by them.

Recently, Reddit user u/hugocaldera6 hit up the platform with a pretty interesting question that quickly received a lot of attention: “Which celebrity has blocked you on social media and why?” they asked fellow users. As of now, the thread has over 7,000 answers from Redditors sharing their best stories about getting blocked by celebrities and famous brand accounts on social media. Without further ado, Bored Panda invites you to look at some of the best ones.

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I was blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter because I called him an orange fake-tanned bastard that doesn’t know how to run a country. This led on to me screenshotting the activity and jokingly reporting it to Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister replied that “he isn’t supportive of my behaviour”, then he blocked me. 2 blocks from world leaders in the space of 3 days.

alfiemcnallyyt , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditElon Musk blocked me on twitter back when ESA landed on that asteroid, I asked him how he felt that we finally made contact with his species.

AcidicPlague , NVIDIA Corporation Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditDane Cook blocked me on Twitter. He tweeted something along the lines of, “Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t win.” And I replied “Did you make another movie?” Insta-blocked.

igivefreetickles , danecook Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditNot a celebrity but Ford blocked me on Twitter cuz I kept asking them to bring the crown Victoria back

Pinkthrowaway97 , Ford Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditNot a celebrity but Harbor Freight. When I commented that their pipe inspection cameras are good for home colonoscopies.

Smithme2g , Harbor Freight Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditDane Cook. Any time something bad happened to me I compared it to him. “I got fired today. This is really the Dane Cook of days.” Stuff like that.

Dontneedanything , danecook Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditGordon Ramsay. i was thirteen and in a dumb group chat with my friends on twitter, someone in it was followed by him so they added him to it. he ended up blocking half of us (rightfully tbh)

also i messaged him asking if i could be on masterchef because i could make good ramen noodles and i think that also caused it

equivalentofagiraffe , gordongram Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditThis finnish writer who stole memes and posted them on instagram as his own. I said something about it and he banned me from his page. Juha Vuorinen is his name

Puakkari , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditJimmy from the Dave and Jimmy radio show in Columbus, OH. He posted a picture of his sister and said; “She got all the good looks in the family.” and I said; “Looks like there wasn’t much to go round in he first place then.”

I reached out to him and apologized personally, and was un-blocked.

scruit , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditJim Cornette blocked me on Twitter after he bragged about slapping Santino Marella around. I replied, “You know damn well that if he wasn’t looking for a job and green card at the time he would have crippled you.”

Blocked within the hour of posting.

neocuchulainn , Mike Kalasnik Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditChance the rapper blocked me after his latest album came out because I commented “this s**t is dookie”. About 600 likes on the comment in an hour. Then I was blocked. Still blocked 🙁

yungbelk , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditJeffree Star once blocked me on MySpace because I kept leaving comments on his page saying things like “Hey man, great party last night!” to get random fans of his to send me friend requests. After maybe the third time, he responded angrily telling me to stop and blocked me from leaving comments.

BonesyDekay , jeffreestar Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditA famous astronomer blocked me because I blocked him.

I was following him but his posts were overwhelming my feed. Retweets were off too. I unfollowed but days later, my feed was still all his posts. So I blocked him to stop it.

A few years later, thought I’d try again since Twitter’s made changes and he has me blocked.

Alrighty then, Phil. Be that way

weaponizedpastry , Derek K. Miller (1969-2011) Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditMany years ago, I did a REALLY bad photoshop of Bill Murray and I by the Hollywood sign. Posted it on his Facebook, and I was blocked. I still love you Billy… 🙂

auntlola , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditB.O.B that Airplanes in the Night Sky rapper. DM’d him on insta calling him an idiot for being a flat earther and I was blocked within a couple of hours

dbdbodbdb , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditKhloe Kardashian blocked me for commenting her real dad’s name….even though Kylie Jenner tweeted a pic of Khloe and her real dad and captioned it saying so, but it was immediately deleted.

It’s Alex Roldan, Kris Jenners ex hairstylist. Khloes middle name is Alexandra as well. Lamar Odom has also said he’s met Alex numerous times.

QuallingtonBear , khloekardashian Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditJameela Jamil. She kept apologizing for a past insensitive thing she said about a group of people. After the fourth or fifth time, I said something to the effect of “We get it. You don’t have to keep apologizing.” She said “F*** off” and blocked me.

GullyplugDavis , jameelajamilofficial Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditDevin Sawa! I called him a d*** for making fun of poor people and he made my tweet his cover photo for a little while and then blocked me hahaahahaha

tossit_xx , Wikimedia Commons Report

Celebrity-Blocked-Social-Media-AskredditBryan Singer. This was when the accusations came out

I commented on an Instagram post “where are all the comments attacking him for being a scumbag”

Someone said he was deleting them all. He then blocked me and made his account private.

thedudeisalwayshere , Wikimedia Commons Report

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