50 Hilarious And Awkward Tinder Chats That People Just Had To Share Online

Full disclosure, dear Pandas: some of us may not have ever tried online dating and might keep getting ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’ confused whenever someone’s talking about it. But as we understand it, Tinder is some kind of fancy wood-finding service (you’d better believe that this pun is intended) on those fancy futuristic devices people call ‘smartphones.’ You meet someone you like, you drink some coffee, and then you get married, right? Correct us if we’re wrong, but that’s exactly what’s happened to a lot of our friends!

One thing’s for sure, though—dating is tough, especially when you have to learn about your potential soulmate through a magical digital mirror that only shows you their good sides. However, there are some hilarious and entertainingly awkward (and sometimes even downright creepy) moments to be had while chatting on Tinder, that’s for sure. Check out the best ones collected by our Bored Panda dating experts, upvote the ones that you enjoyed the most, and share any interesting online dating stories that you want in the comments.

In the mood for some more digital romance? We’ve got you covered. Instead of the traditional flower bouquet and box of chocolates, have a look through our earlier article about the most hilarious posts about Tinder.

To understand the world of online dating better and to learn how to determine whether somebody on Tinder is being genuine, Bored Panda reached out to the founder of The Modern Man, relationship expert Dan Bacon. According to him, online and traditional dating are both fundamentally different ball games, texting is easy but can deceive us, and, while it’s important to be playful and attention-grabbing on Tinder, it shouldn’t be overdone as it “can come across as try-hard or desperate, which results in rejection just like in real-life interactions.” You’ll find his insights below, so be sure to read on.


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