Bride fuming after eight guests get her a £35 wedding gift between them… but people reckon she’s the tacky one

THERE’S no denying that weddings are expensive for everyone involved – from the couple throwing the soiree down to the plus ones splashing out on a new outfit.

Well in an attempt to cut costs on the actual wedding present, one group of eight guests decided to club together to get the bride and groom a $50 [£35] gift card.

The bride was left fuming when members of the wedding party didn’t splash out on a gift

And having attended the stag do and pitched in for matching suits, the groomsmen thought this was a reasonable thing to do – but sadly, the bride couldn’t have disagreed more.

In a viral TikTok clip, the American bride explained how she sent a VERY passive aggressive to the guests and felt like they should have spent more.

While Gnarls Barkley’s 2006 hit Crazy played in the background of the video, the woman filmed herself taking a sip of her drink before launching into the story.

She wrote: “The time I sent a big [f**k you] email to eight people who came to our wedding (including the best man and groomsmen) for giving us a $50 gift card as a gift. $6.50 [£4.60] per person?!”

The woman was insulted that the guests only spent £4.50 each

The woman was insulted that the guests only spent £4.50 each

The video sparked fierce debate online

The video sparked fierce debate onlineCredit: Getty – Contributor

Knowing that the video would ruffle feathers, she added: “Before you come for me… yes they could afford it and YES I would do it again!”

After racking up over 17,000 “likes” on TikTok, the clip was then posted on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum where people mostly sided with the guests.

“I had a heap of guests not gift anything and you know what? I didn’t email anyone,” one replied. “If you’re inviting your guests just to get gifts then you’ve already f***ed up.”

Another added: “To shame, of all people, the bridal party. Your bridal party has paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to assist in making your ‘big day’ special. You don’t get to ask more than that.”

Meanwhile, a third argued: “She shouldn’t have called them out but to give someone $6.50 for their wedding is a bit of a insult.”

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