Couple mortified after neighbours leave a note telling them to stop have loud sex and even record them as proof

IT’S easy to forget that neighbours can hear what goes on inside your home, particularly if you live in small flat or shared complex.

And one couple got a brutal reminder when they returned home to find a lengthy note on their door which detailed their very noisy sex life – and there was even a recording as proof.

The neighbour wrote a very lengthy note detailing the couple’s noisy sex life and even attached a USB after recording themCredit: Reddit

One neighbour took it upon themselves to inform the loved-up couple that their passionate lovemaking was bothering everyone nearby.

The long and very detailed note even included a helpful graphic explaining how “reverberation” works to carry their sex noises across the building.

To make matters worse, the neighbour had attached a USB to the piece of paper which was a recording of the couple’s noisy antics – just to prove how loud they really were.

The hilarious and equally mortifying note has been shared on Reddit where the passionate couple received no sympathy

The couple's loud sex romps could be heard throughout the building

The couple’s loud sex romps could be heard throughout the buildingCredit: Getty – Contributor

The letter reads: “Living in a condo building means you tend to be closer to your neighbours than you otherwise normally would be,” the note began.

“Meaning I could be living in a completely different area of our building and still be able to hear you loudly having sex.

“Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very happy you have a GREAT sex life but I think I can speak for many of us in the building when I ask you to please quiet down.

“I feel bad for your immediate neighbours.”

Judging by what’s written in the letter, it appears that the couple had been made aware of the noise previously, but they clearly had issues with being quiet.

The hilarious note included a helpful graphic explaining how 'reverberation' works to carry their sex noises across the building

The hilarious note included a helpful graphic explaining how ‘reverberation’ works to carry their sex noises across the buildingCredit: Reddit

“I can say I don’t particularly enjoy having my five-year-old daughter ask me “why’s that lady screaming outside?” the note continues.

And ends by saying: “In conclusion, I would like to kindly ask you to please monitor the volume of your moaning and sexual noises. Whether it’s with another person or with yourself. No judgement on my end.

“In the instance, you think this is horse s*** and need some proof, I have recorded how loud you are and placed it on the attached flash drive for you to listen to yourself and make your own opinions.”

The note is signed ’18 units overlooking the courtyard”.

Reddit users agreed that the should of neighbours having sex is extremely off putting, with some even suggesting other ways to approach the noise complaint.

“If this doesn’t work, get a couple of neighbours to join in on a counter-attack – every time they go at it too loud, everyone starts blaring the Bob the Builder theme or something equally off-putting,” one suggested.

“Or start calling the police on them for noise complaints.”

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Woman moans about neighbour’s loud sex sessions in note and gets best reply ever


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