How I Do It: ‘I’m newly-engaged to my first proper sexual partner’

Christine and her partner are saving for a house (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

For this week’s edition of How I Do It – in which a new person each week gives us a seven-day peek into their sex lives – we have Christine*, a 25-year-old journalist living in North Wales who has just got engaged to her (first ‘proper’ sexual) partner.

While she loves that her sex life is not just about the intercourse but about the intimacy too, she does want things to be ‘a bit wilder’ in future, and wants to experiment with ‘some more kinky things’ because she still feels like she has a lot to learn about what she likes and doesn’t like.

After their relationship was long-distance due to her studying for a master’s three hours away, Christine moved in with her partner for the first time thanks to the pandemic.

Now, the exceedingly loved-up pair are living with his parents as they save up to buy their own home.

The couple found that the increased amount of time they spent together in close quarters not only gave their sex life a big boost, but also pushed them to grow as a couple.

In fact, she says it’s one of the reasons why her partner decided to propose when he did, because they ‘really became secure’ in their relationship and in their shared vision for the future.

Want to know how these two have been getting on since he popped the question? Read on for Christine’s view of things…


The first thing I do every morning is put on my engagement ring. It’s still a bit of a shock sometimes that I’m actually engaged.

For weeks after my partner proposed, I kept having to remind myself that it actually happened, staring at the ring on my finger as proof.

My first alarm goes off at 7am, which my partner thinks is just so I wake up a bit before having to get out of bed, but actually it’s a cuddle alarm so I can roll over and have some snugs.

Eventually we have to get out of bed for real, and my partner heads off to work with a kiss while I set myself up to work from home.

When he eventually comes home, we make tea together, with the occasional pat on the bottom with a wooden spoon.

We cuddle up on the sofa and watch a few episodes of our current Netflix obsession, before heading up to bed and having a quick session before sleep.

Nothing too wild, just nice run-of-the-mill sex to end the day.


I woke up horny with my partner having already left for work, so I got my trusty vibrator out of the drawer for a quick orgasm.

I think for some people, solo masturbation can be seen as a bit strange when you’re in a relationship, but for us it’s just a part of what we’re comfortable with, even if one of us is masturbating next to the other because they weren’t in the mood.

We wind down after work lying in bed watching some YouTube videos together.

I decide to start teasing him a little bit and run my hands up and down his body.

One 45-minute blow job later we go back to watching YouTube.


I woke up to my boobs being played with this morning, which led to a hand job and fingering double whammy, all before 8am.

Sometimes we like to have a competition of who can make the other orgasm first.

I always lose, or always win depending on the way you look at it.

We jump in the shower together, mainly to save time, with no shenanigans other than the odd bum slap when I’m not paying attention.

Later, the engagement ring I ordered for my partner arrives in the post.

Even though he already proposed in March, I thought it would be fun to propose back and found a cute silly ring on the internet that I knew he’d like.

He knows it’s happening; I just haven’t decided where I’m going to do it yet.

I want to make it special since he popped the question at the place where we had our first date, at a castle no less, so I need to plan something just as good – though for me the pressure is off since we’re already engaged.

I had to hide the package from him since he was at home today, and quickly distracted him with the proposition of daytime sex.

Nothing like a quickie on your lunch hour to help you through the day. 


We were both so tired today.

Long days at work combined with a bit of family drama meant we lounged in bed after tea scrolling on our phones until it was a reasonable time to sleep.

We had a spoon before nodding off, taking it in turns to be the little spoon.


After a long day of work, we had the house to ourselves for the whole weekend.

We live with my fiancé’s parents at the moment, which we’re very grateful for, but we crave our own house something rotten, so to be completely alone is a rare treat.

To celebrate the end of the week we make a fancy steak dinner together.

I cuddled him from behind while he was cooking, my hand eventually finding his way into his trousers as he fried the steaks.

We shared a delicious meal, chatting about our days and our plans for the weekend over a bottle of wine.

For dessert, I crawled under the table and gave him a blow job while he finished his dinner.

Not having parents around can make you wild.


Now that everything is opening up and Covid restrictions are lifting, we like to go on road trips on the weekend.

We’ve really enjoyed exploring our local area lately, as well as wanting to support all the local small businesses around us.

An old friend from school spots me while we’re in a queue for coffee, and she congratulates us on our engagement after seeing it on Facebook, asking me to show her the ring.

It’s still odd even now it’s been a couple of months, but people get so excited about us being engaged. I guess with times as they are everyone craves a bit of good news.

We cuddle up on a picnic bench in the freezing cold wind to drink our coffees, stealing kisses every other sip.

I’m sure we look super cute but actually we’re just trying to keep warm, and my fiancé is like a little heater.

After a nice day mooching out and about, we headed home and later on, one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex.

Halfway through the act I had a burst of confidence and volunteered to go on top.

I’m not very good at being on top as I’m still figuring it out, and can lose my bottle sometimes if things aren’t quite working.

That ended up happening as I got frustrated that I couldn’t get a rhythm going and was squashing my fiancé in an unsexy way.

I’m still learning when it comes to sex, so I do tend to get annoyed with myself, especially for ‘ruining’ a perfectly good romp.

But my partner is always very reassuring, and after a five-minute pause for me to check myself, we were back to doing the deed with gusto.


We’re doing a lot of grown-up stuff at the moment and were up early for a meeting as we’re just starting the process of buying a house together.

We ended up at a pub afterwards just trying to decompress and recover from it all.

Three pints later and we were ordering a takeaway from our favourite restaurant and eating it on the sofa watching a Disney movie.

We jumped in the shower before bed to help with the de-stressing and took turns to wash each other.

This was a wonderfully intimate and tender moment, and the feeling of being touched and kissed and caressed is just pure bliss.

I live for these moments almost more than sex, with my partner making me feel so special and so loved.

We towel each other off and head to bed, turned away from each other with our butts touching under the duvet.


*Names have been changed

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