I booked my whole wedding before I was even engaged

Getting organised and keeping on top of planning a wedding can be stressful, but for one couple they planned and booked EVERYTHING before they even got engaged.

TikTok user, @evh1990, revealed a strange and unique thing she did when planning her wedding – and it wasn’t just a unique wedding dress or venue.

She booked every last detail before even getting engagedCredit: evh1990/TikTok

She said: “We actually ended up booking our entire wedding – caterers, dress, everything – before getting engaged.

“And put it in our friends and families’ diaries as a ‘barbeque’.”

That might just be a top tip for organising a wedding.

She added: “When we told them that we were engaged, we said ‘you know that barbeque – yeah, not a barbeque, it’s our wedding day!”

The couple told their friends and family to put the date in the diary, but told them it was a BBQ

The couple told their friends and family to put the date in the diary, but told them it was a BBQCredit: evh1990/TikTok

The bride-to-be explained that the couple had booked everything they needed for their big day and told the family that the wedding was in four months’ time.

She said: “It’s in four months’ time, you don’t need to stress, there’s nothing to do, nothing to worry about.”

Sounds like everything’s under control.

She added that she highly recommends her plan of action to other people looking to get engaged or are planning a wedding.

People rushed into the comment to praise her genius wedding hack.

One user wrote: “How do you get un-engaged? This is a great idea.”

Could this be the future of wedding planning?

Could this be the future of wedding planning?Credit: evh1990/TikTok

Another said: “Oooo so I’m not crazy!!! We’ve already set the date and put money down on the venue.”

@evh1990 replied: “It’s the way forward, congratulations.”

A third commented: “You just made me feel so much better, we’ve been secretly planning for months and are telling people soon (after a ring of course lol).”

The majority of @evh1990’s followers seemed to agree that her wedding hack is a genius idea – because everything can be sorted without a big fuss.

A fourth user commented: “Genius! My parents did similar, they got engaged on a Monday and got married that weekend at a registry office to avoid any fuss being made.”

The video has been watched over a massive 100,100 times and racked up over 11,300 likes.

So, is this the way forward for wedding planning?

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