I’m 23 & single but too embarrassed to go on dating apps

A WOMAN has revealed she was too embarrassed to be caught on dating apps, because the men on there are “lazy” and “desperate”.

Mikele Syron, 23, from Australia, told 9Honey she’s always believed dating apps are “scary” and “if I’m brutally honest, desperate”, so has never joined one.

Mikele Syron, 23, is single but doesn’t like dating apps because the men are ‘desperate’ & ‘lazy’Credit: Instagram/nadiabokody

After avoiding them completely, she gave them a go at 23 but it didn't change her mind

After avoiding them completely, she gave them a go at 23 but it didn’t change her mindCredit: Instagram/nadiabokody

She added: “Imagine if things were to work out. What would you tell your future grandkids? I met pop on….Tinder? No thanks.”

But after “clocking up another year of being unlucky in love”, Mikele decided it was time to ditch her judgement and try online dating for six weeks.

She soon discovered that “apps have made it far too easy for men to be lazy (well, lazier).”

Mikele explained: “Let’s be real here, swiping through pictures requires absolutely no effort. And men are inherently lazy daters anyway, so this works quite well for them.

Mikele said she'd be embarrassed to tell her grandkids she met someone on Tinder

Mikele said she’d be embarrassed to tell her grandkids she met someone on TinderCredit: Instagram/nadiabokody

“These apps perpetuate their ability to sit back and invest little to no labour into getting what they want. And it’s a really pesky habit. Chivalry is basically dead.”

Ultimately, Mikele concluded apps weren’t for her and deleted Hinge – where she’d been chatting to a handful of guys.

But she’d still recommend the experience, saying it helped her build confidence to put herself out there in the dating game and be open about what she wants.

She said: “I guess the biggest thing I learned when I let all my judgemental walls down, is that it can actually be kind of … fun.”

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