I’m desperate for my man to propose so we can finally have sex – I’m saving myself for marriage & he can’t see me naked

MANY would argue that sex is a key part of any happy and healthy relationship, but this woman is saving herself for marriage and won’t even let her man see her naked.

Brie Blume, who’s a Christian, is desperately waiting for her boyfriend to propose so they can finally do the deed – despite having previously lost her virginity.

Brie Blume, 24, is saving herself for marriageCredit: @brieblume/TikTok

Brie, 24, said she “found Christ” after finally escaping an abusive relationship and she finally learned to “love herself” as a “reborn and transformed” Christian.

Before finding her faith, she engaged in casual sex but admitted she didn’t know her “self worth”.

Since then, she vowed celibacy until she was married and has shared a series of clips on TikTok detailing her new, happy relationship with a man who shares the same beliefs.

Although they both attend the same church, Brie said she met her man on the dating app Bumble, and they hit it off right away.

Brie and her boyfriend met on the dating app Bumble and are waiting to get married before having sex

Brie and her boyfriend met on the dating app Bumble and are waiting to get married before having sexCredit: @brieblume/TikTok

The happy couple have all the makings of a traditional relationship and appear as loved up as ever, except, of course, there’s a few key differences.

In addition to never having had sex with each other, Brie said they won’t even get changed in front of each other, and they’ve never seen each other naked.

What’s more, the couple can’t sleep in the same bed together, and travelling alone as a couple is off limits too – at least until they’re married.

Brie hilariously shares clips on the platform which suggest she is counting down the days until they’re married so they can finally take their relationship to the next level.

Brie said there's a number of thing they won't do before tying the knot

Brie said there’s a number of thing they won’t do before tying the knotCredit: @brieblume/TikTok

They can't see each other naked and won't change in front of one another

They can’t see each other naked and won’t change in front of one anotherCredit: @brieblume/TikTok

One video even shows her boyfriend fake a proposal by kneeling down in front of her, only to pick up something up off the ground – much to her disappointment.

Others have her dancing around flashing her bare left hand, with captions that read “still waiting” for the proposal.

In a recent clip, Brie hit back at negative comments from people who suggested that her man is definitely “cheating on her” because she won’t have sex with him.

But she insists it was a decision they made together and that she’s not “withholding anything from him”.

Brie is desperate for her man to propose and shares humorous clips on TikTok

Brie is desperate for her man to propose and shares humorous clips on TikTokCredit: @brieblume/TikTok

Brie is of Christian faith

Brie is of Christian faithCredit: @brieblume/TikTok

“The fact that I have people on here that are saying that my boyfriend is cheating on me because I’m not having sex with him, that is so rude. That makes me so upset to even hear that from somebody because no he’s not cheating on me. We both decided to save ourselves for marriage,” she said.

In many clips they appear to kiss and cuddle, but Brie insists that’s within the “boundaries” they’ve put on their relationship.

Brie has almost nine million like son her TikTok page and 88,000 followers.

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