People say my husband’s too hot for me because I’m plus size – I don’t care, I know I’m beautiful

WHEN TikTok stars Kate and her husband Matthew set up their account last year, they thought it’d be a great way to share snippets of their lives as newlyweds.

But one of the downsides of being an internet star is that you open yourself up to some seriously unwanted criticism.

TikTok user Kate hit back at trolls who said her husband is ‘too hot for her’Credit: @k8andmatthew/TikTok

Earlier this year, Kate explained how trolls have made cruel comments about her weight and even questioned her relationship.

In a viral video, she said: “People on TikTok are always like, ‘there’s no way that’s your husband – he’s way too hot for you.’

“Erm he thinks I’m beautiful and also I’m an engineer with a really good personality and I’ve gained 90lbs since I met him.

“But none of that matters to him and he’s a really good guy.”

Kate and Matthew tied the knot last year

Kate and Matthew tied the knot last yearCredit: @k8andmatthew/TikTok

The couple matched on a dating app

The couple matched on a dating appCredit: @k8andmatthew/TikTok

Addressing the couple’s 12,500 followers, Kate added: “You are beautiful.

“You are worth of love. It’s worth waiting for someone that loves you for you.”

The clip racked up almost 13,000 “likes” and struck a chord with viewers in the comments.

“Nope I think you’re a cute couple,” one said. “Ignore them – they’re just jealous.”

Kate said weight doesn't matter to her husband

Kate said weight doesn’t matter to her husbandCredit: @k8andmatthew/TikTok

The couple experienced love at first sight on their first date

The couple experienced love at first sight on their first dateCredit: @k8andmatthew/TikTok

“Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder,” another added. “Don’t change – you are beautiful!”

Meanwhile, a third added: “You don’t have to explain yourself or relationship to anyone!”

In a separate video, Kate explained how she met her firefighter husband on a dating app and it was “love at first sight” when they met up in person.

Joking that she’d been a “nerdy fat girl” in school, Kate said: “When we met, I was ready for him. All of the time that I spent being bitter, being single – I wasn’t ready to find The One.

“But I got there by believing in my worth, believing in my beauty and my value and finding my self-confidence to a point where I was content with being single.”


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