Wife Asks Her Husband To Turn Down “Dream Job” For The Sake Of Her Career, Or She’ll Divorce Him

It’s quite a challenge to maintain a happy relationship with someone or even create a family and to have a full-on career. Having it all is not always easy, but for most of us, the help from our friends and family help us to keep moving on. But what to do if one day your significant other decides that their career is more important than your relationship?

This situation occurred to one Reddit user who asked whether she did the right thing by asking her husband not to go for this job opportunity because it would put her whole career at risk. The woman was very stingy with details about what she does and where but it only makes it sound more serious about how important her work is.

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Dream jobs are important, but this woman wants to know if they are more important than family

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The main concern in this situation was focused on her husband who decided to go work for a company that is her workplace competitor. Since the user works with sensitive information, she knows that if her workplace does a background check on her and finds out that her husband works at that certain company, it would be the end of her career. Of course, she explained the situation to her husband and asked him not even apply, but he did exactly the opposite of what was asked and of course, was offered the position.

Woman who has a successful carrier wants to know if she’s being right for not letting her husband to take his “Dream Job” because it may sabotage her career

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Even before the situation escalated to him almost accepting the job, the wife already warned the husband that in case he agrees with taking the job, they will have to have a divorce, as she cannot risk losing her whole career when he can simply work for some other company. The husband didn’t understand this at all and called her selfish and carrying only about the money. He got into her head so bad that she asked people on Reddit to help her understand whether she really did a horrible thing by raising an ultimatum to her husband: either he accepts this job and loses her or shuts down the proposal and stays in the marriage.

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The story got 35.3k points and 5.9k comments saying that she is being right for standing up for herself and something she was working on her whole life. One of the users brought up an interesting point about how the company that was about to hire her husband actually wants him just because of her being in a valuable position at her workplace.

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No doubt that there are very different ways on how people manage to combine their family life with work in this sense. Some couples are happy to work together in the same field, some manage to be together not only as a family but as work partners too. I guess we can only be glad for those who manage to stay together through it all. But what is the right thing to do when family interests separate from your work goals?
If you have any thoughts on how to work these kinds of situations in a less painful way, share your ideas in the comments!

Reddit users sharing their thoughts on the matter and it ‘s not something the husband would want to hear


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