Woman convinced she’s found ‘proof’ her boyfriend is cheating

THERE’S no good way to find out your partner has been cheating – but finding a used condom down the side of your sofa has got to be up there with one of the worst.

Sound too awful to be true? Well this is the exact scenario one woman was recently faced with – that is, until people pointed out her awkward blunder.

The woman mistook this wrapper for something else entirely

The woman mistook this wrapper for something else entirelyCredit: Facebook

After coming across the “condom”, the woman posted a picture of it on Facebook to ask for advice.

Using the “heartbroken” status, the anonymous girlfriend wrote: “I think [my boyfriend] is cheating on me. Just found this down the side of the sofa.”

It was then shared on the group Girlsmouth where the 161,000 members pointed out that the “condom” was in fact a Peperami wrapper.

One user joked: “Think that’s the last thing she needs to worry about if she thinks that would fit him…”

People joked the man's littering was 'worse than cheating'

People joked the man’s littering was ‘worse than cheating’Credit: Getty

“Worse than cheating,” another said. “If my man ate my Peperami and shoved the wrapper down the sofa I’d be devastated.”

A third joked: “He was just in the mood for a bit of sausage..!”

“She thinks very little of him clearly,” a fourth replied.

So while she may not have to worry about cheating, the woman did have to come to terms with her boyfriend’s littering habits…

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