Woman travels across the country to try to win the love of her life but ends up alone in a ‘s****y’ hotel room

DECLARING your love for someone can be an important part of any relationship.

But what if things don’t go as planned? Well, this is what happened Rebecca Renner who even documented it all on Twitter.

Rebecca Renner shared her love journey to her followers on TwitterCredit: Twitter /Rebbeca Renner

The 31-year-old, from Florida, had planned to fly across the country to win over the love of her life – but ended up heartbroken. 

She posted a series of tweets as she prepared to fly from Orlando to declared her love for a man name Francois Wolmarans before ultimately finding herself alone is a “s****y” motel in Ashland, Oregon. 

She wrote: “Last night, a personal tragedy reminded me that life is uncertain and too godd**n short. 

“So I booked a plane ticket, and I’m about to fly across the country to tell the love of my life how I feel. Wish me luck!

She said how she 'didn't want to wait another day' to express her love

She said how she ‘didn’t want to wait another day’ to express her loveCredit: Twitter /Rebbeca Renner

Rebecca kept her followers updated throughout her journey

Rebecca kept her followers updated throughout her journeyCredit: Twitter /Rebbeca Renner

“And don’t wait another day to tell those you love that you love them.”

People on Twitter were quick to express wonder at her ‘romcom moment’ and wished her good fortune.

Renner also posted pictures of herself on the flight with the caption: “I’m not there yet. One more flight to go!”

When someone on Twitter asked for further detail about her backstory with Francois, she linked back to tweets indicating that the pair had recently run off together on a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

However, things turned for the worse when ended up in a 's****' motel room after getting rejected

However, things turned for the worse when ended up in a ‘s****’ motel room after getting rejectedCredit: Twitter /Rebbeca Renner

However, her followers were surprised by a significant turn of events less than 24 hours later when Francois rejected her.

She wrote on Twitter: “Well, this is me in my sh*tty motel room after getting rejected. I don’t know whether to be sad or angry, but I’ll live to love another day. Hopefully that love will be for someone who values it. Sorry to disappoint you, Twitter.”

One Twitter user appeared to side with Francois, writing: “And the people calling HIM the a**hole are genuinely confusing me. Unless he was leading her on behind closed doors, he did absolutely nothing wrong.”

She responded: “’He was.”

She continues to have high hopes with finding love

She continues to have high hopes with finding loveCredit: Twitter /Rebbeca Renner

Rebecca, a contributor to National Geographic, told the New York Post in an interview after the tweets went viral that she asked him if the pair could ‘try again’ for a relationship and that they had dated earlier in the year.

She said: “I asked him if we could try again and he said no. So much worse has happened in life than somebody saying no to me. My heart is a little broken, but it will mend.”

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