Are you brave enough to wear the micro mini skirt?

How high would you go? (Picture: Urban Outfitters/I Am Gia)

If you consider yourself brave or fearless, how high would you go?

Now we don’t mean scaling a building or jumping from a height, we are actually talking about hemlines.

You see the micro mini skirt is trending and fashion is daring to bare.

While you may be instinctively hiding your legs at the thought, it was only a matter of time.

And truly, it makes sense.

After a year of restrictions, we want to have fun with our fashion choices.

We have spent too long in leggings and tracksuits and it is only natural that we are craving some sartorial excitement.

Plus, there is a case for the skirt length theory.

The idea behind skirt length theory is that shorter skirts have a tendency to appear in times when consumer confidence and excitement are high. In contrast, the theory says long skirts are worn more in times of fear and general gloom.

In other words, long skirts were 2020 and short skirts are 2021. As a buzz for life is taking over, hemlines are as high as our hopes.

But the micro mini can be terrifying and its popularity is growing at an exceptional rate.

Just last week, Rihanna was seen sporting a white cutout micro miniskirt by London-based designer Maximilian.

Meanwhile, Y2K fashion is an adored aesthetic for those born after 1997 and micro miniskirts are the pinnacle of the craze. At times, TikTok almost feels like a shrine to the mini-movement.

Brands such as I Am Gia are championing the trend with gusto and as we hit high summer, expect to see more and more micro minis on your social media feeds.

Nevertheless, how do you wear one?

Much of the hesitation around micro minis is down to fear. Whether that is anxiety about showing too much skin or concern for an unexpected wardrobe mishap.

There is most certainly a basis for the unease, but like every trend, you can make it work for you.

When wearing a micro skirt, always consider balance.

Wear with an oversized shirt or t-shirt on top and pair with an oversized blazer for a sophisticated yet edgy look.

For a nod to the sixties, couple a micro-mini with some knee-high boots and a billowing blouse.

And if all else fails, wear with tights when the temperatures start to cool.

Yet the only adornment that a mini really needs is confidence. If you think you look good, you definitely do. Poise is the finishing touch to any outfit.

So remember to wear what you love with whatever you want.

And with that in mind, how high would you go?

Micro minis to buy now

I Am Gia Circe skirt

I Am Gia mini skirt

Wear with confidence (Picture: I Am Gia)

Get it for £41 at I Am Gia.

BDG belted low-rise denim mini skirt

BDG low rise mini skirt

Y2K inspired (Picture: Urban Outfitters)

Get it for £39 at Urban Outfitters.

ASYOU sparkle low rise micro mini skirt

ASYOU micro mini skirt

A night out must have (Picture: ASOS)

Get it for £12 at ASOS.

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