I’m a fashion expert – from tacky heels to skinny jeans – dated trends you need to ditch in 2023 to go from a 5 to a 10

We’ve made it to 2023 with a brand new year ahead, and a fashion expert says we need a ‘new you’ too. 

Every year we look back on our favourite fashion trends with a grin and a grimace, ditching all those we’d rather forget. 

Fashion expert Lindsay Edwards shares the fashion trends to leave in 2022Credit: Getty

Low rise jeans should be banished from our wardrobes

Low rise jeans should be banished from our wardrobes

And 2022 – with its tacky resin jewellery and silly small bags, platform flip flops and low-rise jeans – was one of the worst years of them all according to fashion expert and personal stylist Lindsay Edwards

“Just because something is in fashion, it doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon,” she advises. 

“You might be wearing the trendiest outfit ever but if it doesn’t suit you, you’re not going to look very good. 

“Fashion doesn’t suit everyone. Get to know your body shape, find colours you love and be true to your personality. It’s all about what makes you feel good.”

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Here, Lindsay shares the year’s worst fashion trends we must leave in the past to boost our wardrobes from a five to a ten. 

All-glitter heels

“Leave your glittery heels at the disco and step into a more environmentally-friendly pair of heels instead. 

“Glitter is getting a seriously bad reputation, and for good reason, as it’s formed by non-biodegradable micro plastics. 

“If you really want to hit it high in the style stakes, opt for a pair of pointy or squared toed heels.”

Lingerie as clothing

“Sometimes it is best to leave a little to the imagination. Underwear, as its name suggests, should be worn under clothes – not as clothes.”

Skinny jeans

“Finally, the focus on skinny jeans being the only style that’s in fashion is shifting. It’s all anyone was wearing for years, but finally we can walk into a store and choose from different styles. 

“Don’t force yourself into a pair of skinny jeans that don’t suit your body shape. If you’re curvy, try flares. If you’re straight up and down, go for a straight leg.

“No matter what style you pick in the shop, there’s something for everyone to look fabulous and trendy.”

Coastal grandmother florals

“This has to be my least favourite trend of recent times – it has such a Stepford Wives feel to it. 

“Where do I begin? TikTok has thrown out thousands of videos of women in floaty floral dresses, often with a ribbed white jumper thrown over their shoulders. 

“The look lacks any personality, and who wants to look 20 years older than they actually are? 

“Unless you want to look like a grandmother who lives by the seaside, don’t do it.”

Low rise jeans 

“Few things are as unappealing as someone continually hoiking their trousers up. And the view of someone’s backside as they bend over is best forgotten, too.

“Mid-to-high rise jeans are far more practical, comfortable and create a streamlined silhouette.”

Resin jewellery 

“If you’re looking for a polished appearance – avoid resin jewellery like the plague. It looks what it costs – cheap.

“Lots of harmful chemicals are used to make it and the environment suffers. For a more elevated look, go for silver if you have a cool skin tone or gold if you’re warm.”

Tiny purses

“Tiny purses are absolutely ridiculous. Unless you’re incredibly petite and dainty, wearing a tiny purse will make you look as though you’re borrowing a five-year-old’s handbag. 

“They’re so impractical and some of them won’t even fit a phone inside. 

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Platform shoes 

“The chunky shoe dates back to school corridors in the 90s, where every student clomped around in their silly platforms. 

“The 90s is where they should’ve stayed. They can be painful to wear over time and the weight of the heavy soles can cause shin splints.

Platform shoes can do more harm than good

Platform shoes can do more harm than good

Tiny purses can't even hold a phone inside

Tiny purses can’t even hold a phone inside


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