Pit Bull Accidentally Redesigns His Owner’s Ordinary T-Shirt Into An Extraordinary One

An apparently artsy 6-year-old pit bull named Apollo has recently created accidental art after knocking over a spray bottle of bleach cleaner near a pile of laundry. Bleach is used to lighten fabric you want to bring back to life, so you probably are already following what happened next. A couple of shirts from the pile had minor bleach stains on them, but one black T-shirt stole the show. A plain black crop top got a badass makeover into a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing with a unique pattern.

The dog’s owner, Tori, who is also a Reddit user with the nickname ‘universe_point,’ posted about her dog’s unexpectedly discovered talent and a photo of her newly redesigned T-shirt on r/mildlyinteresting and got 50.8k upvotes. Tori reassured that no doggos were harmed in the process and probably inspired others to explore their dog’s creativity.

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“My dog knocked over a bottle of bleach cleaner near my laundry pile and I got a sick new shirt out of it”

Image credits: universe_point

Tori told Bored Panda how the accidental T-shirt makeover came about:

“I left a pile of laundry on the floor of my bathroom and a spray bottle of bleach cleaner was also on the floor. I left to run errands and I normally close the door to the bathroom so Apollo doesn’t drink from the toilet, but the door didn’t close completely. Apollo nudged the door open and knocked over the spray bottle which then leaked onto my laundry. When I got home, I discovered what had happened and found the shirt with the cool design. A couple of other shirts had minor bleach stains on them, but Apollo and the rest of the clothes were fine.”

Here’s the criminal turned artist—a 6-year-old pit bull named Apollo

Image credits: universe_point

Tori told us about her initial reaction to the dog’s art.

“My first reaction when I noticed the bleach spilled was ‘oh no!’ And when I realized it got on my clothes, I was very worried. But when I pulled that shirt out and saw the cool pattern, I was pleasantly surprised! I have already washed it and worn it and plan on wearing it again. I love tie-dye, so I’ve been thinking about tie-dyeing the bleached part.”

Image credits: universe_point

One Reddit user commented on Tori’s post complimenting the dog’s talent, and she answered giving more information about Apollo’s talents other than helping her with her fashion image: “He can also sit, shake, catch a dog treat tossed two inches in front of his nose with about 70% accuracy.”

Image credits: universe_point

Tori told us about Apollo’s personality.

“I’ve had Apollo since he was a puppy. He is a big sweetheart. He follows me everywhere around the house and sleeps with me every night. He just loves attention and is very playful. Now that Apollo is 6, he doesn’t really get into too much trouble. His only reason for going into the bathroom was to drink from the toilet, and if the door had been properly closed, he wouldn’t have even tried to get in. He’s a good boy, he’s just big and doesn’t always pay attention to his surroundings, so besides occasionally knocking things over out of excitement, he mostly stays out of trouble.”

Image credits: universe_point

Image credits: universe_point

A few Reddit users were concerned about the dog’s health and the possible danger, but Tori explained that it was an accident and Apollo wasn’t harmed in any way.

“It was a spray bottle that he knocked over and it leaked. And it was in the bathroom with the door closed, but it didn’t get closed completely, so when he popped in to drink water out of the toilet bowl, he knocked it over. He is perfectly fine.”

Redditors were pretty impressed with the dog’s badass design

Apollo is not the only dog with extraordinary artistic talents; here are more ‘Pawcassos’ and their adorable creations you might like. If you like the idea of accidental art, check out our post about various art pieces that weren’t created on purpose, but turned out amazing here and another post dedicated specifically to incredible accidental coffee art.


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