Baker shares how to make Mars Bar ‘sausage rolls’ and the idea is genius

Fancy a sweet treat? (Picture: @Scribble Fix595/Tiktok)

Mars Bars: Good. Caramilk: Good. Sausage rolls: Good.

Why did we never think to put these three brilliant things together?

Thankfully, one brave amateur baker has done it – and the results look incredible.

To be clear, there’s no actual meat sausage involved, so this isn’t a completely out-there combination.

Instead, the recipe involves encasing Mars Bars and Cadbury Caramilk chocolate (without their wrappers, obviously) in puff pastry, so the chocolates are the ‘sausage’ in the sausage roll.

The baker, who goes by Scribblefix on TikTok, made her dish with Kmart’s $20 sausage roll maker.

If you have one of these, you simply need to place half a sheet of puff pastry inside the device, add two rows of Caramilk in the centre of the right side, then two Mars Bars in the centre of the left side, then top with the other half of the puff pastry sheet.

You then turn on the machine and cook your rolls.

That method is obviously easier and delivers aesthetically-pleasing results, but if you don’t have this exact gadget, you could try tweaking the instructions for an oven or a toastie maker.

However you make them, we’re sure that chocolate ‘sausage’ rolls will taste incredible. They’re a bit like a deep-fried Mars Bar… but not deep-fried.

Once you’ve got the hang of the technique, why not try adding in other chocolate bars?

We reckon a nice Twix or Galaxy Caramel roll would be pretty delicious…

How to make Mars Bar and Caramilk sausage rolls:

Mars bar and Caramilk 'sausage rolls'

Caption: Mars bar and Caramilk ’sausage rolls’
Photographer: Sky Armstrong
Provider: (Picture:@Scribble Fix595/Tiktok)


  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 2 Mars Bars
  • 2 rows of Cadbury Caramilk


Place half a sheet of puff pastry over the plates of the sausage roll maker.

Remove the chocolate from the wrappers then place the Caramilk in the centre of the pastry on the right, and the Mars Bars in the centre on the left.

Place the remaining puff pastry on top and cook for a few minutes until golden brown.

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