Burger King launches halloumi fries and three new cheesy burgers

Get halloumi fries at Burger King (Picture: Burger King)

Cheese fans get ready – Burger King is dedicating a bunch of new arrivals to the stuff this summer.

The fast-food chain is launching halloumi fries as a side from this week, costing £3.69 for six pieces or £4.69 for nine.

The fries come with the options of sweet chilli, smokey BBQ or spicy mayo dipping pots.

Although the ingredients in the fries are all meat-free friendly, they are cooked in the same oil as chicken so can’t be classed as vegetarian.

Alongside the cheesy sides, the chain is adding three new burgers to the menu as part of the Cheesy Bacon Lover range.

You can now get your hands on the Cheesy Bacon Double, Cheesy Bacon Single or the Cheesy Bacon Chicken.

The Cheesy Bacon Double costs £6.89 and includes two beef patties topped with four slices of bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, BBQ sauce, cheese sauce and two American cheese slices in the middle.

Cheesy bacon burgers

Or try these cheesy burgers (Picture: Burger King)

For £5.89, you can get the single beef patty version of the burger or for £7.89, grab the Cheesy Bacon Chicken, which consists of a crispy chicken patty, American cheese slice, bacon, onion, lettuce and two layers of cheese sauce. 

And to drink, you can grab a frozen Fanta Strawberry at any store with a frozen drinks machine.

Soco Nunez, Marketing Director at Burger King UK, said: ‘At Burger King, there’s nothing we love more than adding great tasting new items like the Bacon Cheese Lovers range to our menu.

‘With the warm weather hopefully here to stay, we know guests are going to love our summery Halloumi Fries on the side too! The new products are the perfect treat after a long, long winter.’

After the news of the new menu additions was shared on social media, fans said they were excited to try.

One said the halloumi fries were their ‘new daily snack’.

Another said: ‘You know what I’m getting this weekend.’

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