How to make the most of your air fryer in 2023 – top recipes you must try that taste amazing and will save you money too

WITHOUT a doubt, an air fryer will completely change the way you cook.

These must-have clever gadgets will air fry, grill and bake with the process taking a fraction of the time compared to a conventional oven – so not only are you saving time, but money as well. 

Here are some of the top recipes that you must try, to make the most out of your gadget in 2023Credit: Getty

And because it uses hot air to cook your food, you don’t have to use as much oil, meaning the results are healthier too.

With a cost-of-living crisis in tow and many of us looking to make savings in 2023 where possible, an air fryer might just be the answer for cutting costs. 

Air fryers have been hailed as knights in stainless steel armour for cooks desperate to produce quicker, cheaper meals and if you’re keen on gadgets, you will probably have one on your kitchen counter already.

And if you opened one on Christmas Day and aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

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I'm a foodie & I make a tasty McDonald's McChicken sandwich in my Air Fryer

According to Jenny Tschiesche, a nutrition expert and author, in her cookbook Air-Fryer Cookbook, she said: “It’s best to think of an air fryer as not only a healthier alternative to a deep-fat fryer, but also as a mini oven.

“Heat radiates from a heating element and a powerful fan circulates the hot air around (as in convection cooking). 

“The air fryer is much more efficient than your main oven, too. 

“Think of how many times you heat your entire oven only to cook a small amount of food, wasting all that energy. 

“Now compare that to heating up your mini oven (ie your air fryer) in just one to two minutes and cooking your food in super-fast time, too.”

So if you want to get the most out of your air fryer in 2023, we have rounded up some of the most delicious TikTok recipes that you can make using your kitchen gadget. 

Not only will you save hundreds of pounds in energy costs, but you will have delicious food to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.


Nothing quite hits the spot like a warm sausage roll from Greggs after a busy high-street shopping trip.

Becky Excell claimed her air fryer sausage rolls taste even better than Greggs

Becky Excell claimed her air fryer sausage rolls taste even better than GreggsCredit: TikTok/@beckyexcell

But Becky Excell, a London/Essex-based food writer, recipe creator and Sunday Times best-selling author has revealed that she makes her own sausage rolls and not only do they taste amazing, but she claims they taste even better than Greggs.

She said: “Just use shop-bought pastry, sausages, mustard if you fancy, and an egg to glaze and in 15 minutes, you can have fresh, homemade sausage rolls.”

Becky explained: “Take the skin of 400g sausages. Unroll a pack of puff pastry, cut it in half, optionally spread mustard just off centre all the way down, then add the sausage meat on top, do this on both pieces of pastry.

“Brush the smaller side with egg, then fold over. Crimp the edge of both with a fork, brush with egg and cut slashes down the pastry.

“Cut to fit your air fryer basket, then air fry at 200C for 12-14 minutes. They should be golden, crisp and cooked, yum!”. 


If you’re after a quick and simple dinner with little to no effort involved, a jacket potato is a good place to start.

With Nisha Parmar's jacket potato advice, your potato will be perfect in only 45 minutes

With Nisha Parmar’s jacket potato advice, your potato will be perfect in only 45 minutesCredit:

Private Chef and Masterchef Finalist 2018 Nisha Parmar swears by using an air fryer to create the best jacket potato.

To start, she took a large white potato and stabbed a sharp knife a few times over the skin – you can also use a fork to do this if you’d prefer. She then drizzled olive oil over the skin and sprinkled sea salt on top. 

The potato was then placed in their fryer basket with the temperature set to 190 degrees Celsius. Nisha left the potato inside the air fryer for 45 minutes – usually, it can take an hour, or an hour and a half to bake a jacket potato in the oven. 

She said: “Cook it with olive oil and sea salt like this and in 45 minutes, it comes out beautiful every time.

“If you’re not already roasting your Jacket potatoes in an airfryer then you’re missing out on crispy skin and creamy fluffy insides!” 


A bacon sandwich is a great treat for a hungover Sunday morning and if you’re a fan of bacon but always struggle to get it perfectly crispy, an air fryer is your answer. 

If you're a fan of bacon, this eight minute recipe is one to try

If you’re a fan of bacon, this eight minute recipe is one to tryCredit: Tiktok/@.tarynshank

Food fan Taryn Shank, revealed that she cooks her bacon in her air fryer, in less than ten minutes.

She said: “Grab some bacon and preheat your air fryer. Add one fourth cup of water to the bottom of your air fryer to prevent smoking, then layer your bacon in the bottom of the air fryer.

“Go ahead and set it at 370/375 Fahrenheit for ten minutes, it just depends how crispy you like your bacon.

“I did mine on 370 for eight minutes and it turned out absolutely perfect.

“This is what it looks like when it’s done – we devoured it, it’s so easy and literally no mess.” 


You might be surprised to know that you can also cook a whole meat joint in an air fryer too.

Save time and money and cook your roast chicken in your air fryer

Save time and money and cook your roast chicken in your air fryerCredit: Tiktok/@hayleys.worldx

If you enjoy a roast chicken on a Sunday afternoon and want to get it cooked just right, here is an air fryer recipe for you.

A foodie known on TikTok as Hayley’s World, shared her simple air fryer roast chicken recipe that will leave your loved ones very impressed. 

She explained: “Drizzle your chicken with olive oil, add salt, pepper, some smoked paprika and some cajun seasoning and give it a good rub all over. 

“Transfer to the air fryer, cook for thirty minutes at 180 degrees.

“Take it out, flip it over and cook for another thirty minutes at 180 degrees. And that is it. It turns out so juicy and delicious.” 


We all love a good takeaway, right? But if you are looking to cut costs on your fish and chips,  here’s how to make your own at home. 

Cut costs by making your own fish and chips rather than visiting a chippy

Cut costs by making your own fish and chips rather than visiting a chippyCredit: Tiktok – @jadecarolanfitness

Jade Carolan revealed that she uses salt and vinegar crisps and an air fryer to get her fish and chips tasting amazing.

She said: “You want to make your batter and bash up the crisps. Dip your fillet into the batter, then into the crumb, make sure you get it all nice and around.

“Slice up your potatoes, coat them with oil and season with a bit of salt. I cook them using my new air fryer”. 

Jade uses a 150g cod fillet and for her chips, she uses 350g of Maris Piper potatoes.

To create the batter, Jade uses 30g plain flour, which she mixes with salt and vinegar and 50 ml of water.

Once cooked in the air fryer, Jade serves up her fabulous fakeaway with a portion of mushy pieces on a newspaper.

Not only does her food look delicious, but it looks just as good as a takeaway too. 


But it’s just not savoury food that you can cook in your air fryer either – as many foodies have shared their sweet treat recipes that are bound to get your mouth watering.

Steph's simple Biscoff cookies are bound to go down a treat in many households

Steph’s simple Biscoff cookies are bound to go down a treat in many householdsCredit: TikTok/@stephcooksstuff

Known on TikTok as @stephcooksstuff, the food whizz shared her homemade, two-ingredient air fryer Biscoff cookie recipe. 

In the video, we see Steph add two tablespoons of Biscoff spread and two tablespoons of self-raising flour to a mixing bowl. She then uses a spoon to stir the ingredients together.

Following this, she massages the combination together “until it feels like play dough”.

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After this, she places the cookie mixture on a piece of baking paper and puts it in her air fryer for ten minutes, at 180 degrees celsius. 

Just ten minutes later, Steph takes her cookie creation out of the air fryer and it’s safe to say, they look fabulous.


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