McDonald’s fan divides opinion with his ‘ice cream hack’ but can you guess what the topping is?

A MCDONALD’s fan has divided opinion with his VERY unusual ice cream topping – with people dubbing his creation ‘so wrong.’

The combo was first made famous in China and quickly went viral on TikTok with fans sharing videos of the unique McDonald’s Sundae topping online.

Ryan Paturzo divided the web with his very unusual McDonald’s ice cream toppingCredit: @ryanpaturzo/TikTok

At a glance you would be forgiven for mistaking the dark coloured sauce for chocolate, but in actual fact it’s a healthy dollop of chilli oil.

And Aussie foodie, Ryan Paturzo, has already clocked more than 140,000 views on his video showing viewers how to make the sweet and salty dessert.

“First order a plain Sundae, then you’re going to top it with chilli oil,” he said while lathering his vanilla ice cream in a spicy oil.

“The blend creates a salty and sweet creamy flavour with crunchy texture.”

The foodie topped his Sunday with chilli oil

The foodie topped his Sunday with chilli oilCredit: @ryanpaturzo/TikTok

McDonald’s China actually sold it as part of their menu earlier this year

McDonald’s China actually sold it as part of their menu earlier this yearCredit: McDonalds

The Buzzfeed producer said to trust him when he says “your tastebuds will be taken on a wild adventure”.

“This looks nice, different, unusual,” one follower commented.

“This looks so wrong!!! But I want to try it right now!!” another wrote.

Ryan used Lao Gan Ma chilli oil which can be picked up in Sainsbury’s for just £2.30.

“Well I mean both ingredients are good on their own so I’d believe this would be enjoyable,” a third person responded.

Ryan says his tastebuds were "taken on a wild adventure"

Ryan says his tastebuds were “taken on a wild adventure”Credit: @ryanpaturzo/TikTok

Others seemed baffled by the combo asking “why would anyone want to try this”.

“I love chilli oil, I love ice cream but why would u mix it?” one person asked.

McDonald’s China actually sold it as part of their menu earlier this year.

The Sundae is said to be inspired by Biangbiang noodles of the Shaanxi province. They tend to be covered in spicy chilli oil and other condiments.

But in this case, the rich chilli oil coats the cold, creamy swirls of vanilla ice cream.

This article was originally published on, and has been republished here with permission.

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