McDonald’s fan stunned after discovering hidden drinks hack which makes them so much easier to carry

CONFESSION time – we can’t make a McDonald’s order without getting a soft drink AND a milkshake.

Yes, we know it’s a bit excessive and unnecessary – but above all, it’s just a faff to carry two drinks alongside our 20-pack of chicken nuggets and fries.

The McDonald’s hack has racked up thousands of ‘likes’Credit: Getty

The TikToker starts by placing his two drinks in different holders

The TikToker starts by placing his two drinks in different holdersCredit: Instagram/@antmista_69

Sound familiar? Well McDonald’s superfan Antony is here to help.

In a viral video that’s racked up over 34,500 “likes”, the TikToker shared the little-known hack that makes carrying multiple McDonald’s drinks SO much easier.

Kicking off the life hack video, Anthony joked that it had taken him 27 years to notice the clever design feature.

Showing viewers how its done, he wrote: “How old were you when you found this out?!”

The clip opens with Antony sitting in his car, having placed his two drinks in separate holders.

He then takes one of the drinks and balances it on top of the other – but rather than letting it precariously sit there, the McDonald’s fan pushes the the top drink down onto the lid of the bottom one.

That’s right, the circumference of the drink container perfectly matches the indent in lid.

In other words, you you can safely stack your drinks without fear of spilling them.

Needless to say, viewers were stunned they’d never thought to this before.

“WHAT,” one replied. “No way!”

Another added: “I’m shook.”

He uses the indent in the lid as a cup holder

He uses the indent in the lid as a cup holderCredit: Instagram/@antmista_69

Speaking from experience, a third wrote: “[I did this] when I worked at McDonald’s and there were no more cup holders.”

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