Money-saving shopper shares a clever supermarket hack to make sure you ALWAYS sticks to your budget

IF you find yourself going over your food budget every time you do your grocery shop, perhaps take a page from this shopper’s book who shared a very clever supermarket hack.

The savvy shopper posted in an Australian budgeting Facebook page where they revealed exactly to avoid overspending – and it works every single time.

The shopper said to split up items into $10 (£5.50) sections so you can keep track of how much you’re spendingCredit: Facebook

While sticking to a list and shopping cut-price items can be useful, the Australian shopper has another trick up their sleeve.

In the Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Stockpiling, Life Help Australia Facebook page, they revealed that the trick is all to do with your trolley and how to place the items.

“To keep to my budget, at the shops I group the foods into $10 (approx.) piles,” they wrote in a post, accompanied by a photo of items a shopping trolley.

You don’t have to do this exact amount either, which is equivalent to about £5.50, as any amount can work depending on your budget.

This way you can stick to your budget without going over at the checkout

This way you can stick to your budget without going over at the checkoutCredit: Getty

In the photo, the shopper has sectioned off a selection of fruit, vegetables, dips, deli meat and other items into eight groups within the trolley.

They revealed that the whole shop cost roughly $80 (£43) – which they were aware of before reaching the checkout thanks to the hack.

This particular shop included some “fancy things” which they “don’t always get” which meant they got far fewer items than the budget will normally allow.

But, they said, the idea is to “keep track of the things” you’re getting to avoid the shock at the checkout.

The post racked up hundreds of comments from people who were pretty impressed by the hack.


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Many admitted they normally do the maths in their head as they shop, or use the calculator on their phone.

“I take a list and keep my calculator open on my phone,” one person said, admitting they usually round up the amounts to avoid going over.

“Never thought of that. Great idea,” another wrote in the comments.

While a third said: “I like this idea about grouping things so it is easier for you to calculate.”

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Aldi shopper shares ‘genius’ trolley hack to speed up the checkout process


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