Mum sparks outrage over four-year-old daughter’s lunchbox

A MUM has come under fire for sending her four-year-old daughter to school with a packed lunch that contained a boiled egg.  

The Australian mum shared a photo of the youngster’s lunch on Facebook, and people slammed her for being “reckless” due to the allergy risk for other kids.

A mum came under fire for posting this photo of her four-year-old daughter’s school lunchCredit: Facebook

Instead of receiving friendly comments after sharing the youngster’s lunch, the mum was met with critical comments. 

One mum wrote: “My daughter is allergic to eggs, it’s the most common allergy according to our allergist, more common than nuts.”

Another said: “One of my daughter’s friends from kindy was allergic to so much that even if someone touched a nut or egg and touched her she would come out in welts.”

While many people claimed the mum was “irresponsible” for packing the egg, she defended the lunch choice. 

What the NHS recommends schoolkids have for lunch

The NHS gives a number of suggestions and guidelines on their Change4Life website:

  • Base the lunchbox on foods like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes – wholegrain ideally – too keep kids fuller for longer
  • If your child isn’t keen on wholegrain, try making sandwiches with one slice of white and one slice of wholemeal bread
  • Try to keep lunchboxes interesting by using a variety of shapes like bagels, pittas and wraps
  • Make food fun as lunches can be more exciting if the child has to put them together, like having foods for dipping and makes a change from sandwiches every day.
  • Opt for low fat foods, like lean meats or fish.
  • Cut down on the amount of spreads you put into sandwiches
  • Always add a bit of salad and vegetables to the meal
  • Cut down on the crisps
  • Chop up some fruit or peel satsuamas and add those instead of sweets
  • Cheese can be high in fat and salt so pick strong tasting ones or go for low-fat varieties
  • Get the kids involved in making the lunch – they’ll be more likely to eat it if they helped make it

The mum added: “They have implied I don’t care about allergies which isn’t the case. 

“My daughter also love almonds but I don’t send those or peanut butter sandwiches because of the allergy risk. 

“There isn’t an egg issue in my daughters kinder [kindergarten] if there was a serious issue I would never put a child’s life at risk,.”

The ‘offending’ lunchbox included a sandwich, chopped strawberries, crisps, a muesli bar, yoghurt drops and the controversial egg. 

While many criticised the mum, others said how great the lunch looked and some even asked the mum where she got her yoghurt drops from.

In Australia, one in ten young kids have a food allergy, with cow’s milk, eggs and nuts being the most common food allergens.

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