Savvy mum shares huge Morrisons haul after nabbing £133 of meat for £20

A SAVVY mum has revealed how she managed to bag a whopping £133 of meat at Morrisons for just £20. 

The woman proudly shared a photo of her large haul, but while some people were impressed, others savaged her in the comments for being “greedy”. 

A savvy mum has shared how she paid £21.79 for a whopping £132.61 worth of meat at Morrisons

A savvy mum has shared how she paid £21.79 for a whopping £132.61 worth of meat at MorrisonsCredit: Facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum wrote: “Right place Right time! Morrison’s £132.61. Worth of meat all for £21.79.”

Her haul included numerous meats, including different cuts of steaks. 

Many people were highly impressed with what she had managed to pick up. 

One person wrote: “Well done, I have a tight budget and yes if I found a bargain like that I would freeze the lot 4 my family.”


Everyone loves a yellow sticker discount and it can mean the difference between paying £10 and and a few quid for a joint.

The trick is to get to the supermarket at the right time.

Unfortunately, the right time varies not just from supermarket to supermarket but also from store to store.

At Morrisons, discounts can start as early as mid-morning and continue throughout the day.

Generally speaking, the later you shop, the better discounts you’ll get, with lucky shoppers reporting as much as 75 per cent off some items.

Two hours before closing is tipped to be a good time for hunting bargains in most stores.

Because official policies vary from store to store, it can help to be friendly with the local staff who can clue you into when most discounts happen.

Another added: “Well done. Winning at shopping.”

Despite any positive feedback, she did receive some cruel comments from people claiming her large spree was “greedy”. 

However many people defended her, with one saying: “In these hard times people get what they can at the cheapest prices depending on they’re income and freeze said items.

“Good on ya girl you’ve smashed it, ignore the haters they’re jealous they didn’t get the bargains.”

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