The London food spots you need to visit, according to TikTok

Tried these yet?

Along with from hyped-up food trends like that feta pasta and the more honorable #InvisibleMeal campaign, the truth is that foodie TikTok has a load of suggestions for unique foodie spots that you’re unlikely to find recommended anywhere else.

The recommendations brought to you on this platform are tried and tested by your Gen-Z locals and foodies who have no agenda, just the requirement that the food they are paying for hits the mark.

Plus the comments are always a great indication of whether a place is successful.

So, where should you be heading, according to the food-lovers of TikTok?

We’ve rounded up some of the top suggestions in London so you can pay a visit and try something tasty.

Killa Waffles, Camden Town 

Next time you venture out in Camden, make a detour to Killa Waffles and experience the wonders of a cheddar waffle packed with fried chicken, mac and cheese, a sauce of your own choosing topped with chives – got to get those greens.

Yes, the chicken is halal and no it won’t break the bank, only setting you back a sweet and reasonable £9. 

Bunsik, Chinatown 

The K-pop craze isn’t just about the music. Having only recently opened, Bunsik in Chinatown the store has made it to viral TikTok by serving delicious Korean street food – specifically super cheesy corn dogs.

Deep fried and covered in cheese, really, it can’t go wrong. Price start at £4 and go up to £8, and there are indeed vegetarian options. 

Hefaure London, China Town 

A long time favourite trend for many on food TikTok is the Japanese pancake.

Nothing like your standard British or American pancakes, these are jiggly, fluffy, cloud-like soufflé dancing pancakes that are light and served with everything from Nutella to Oreos and fruit. 

Circola Poplare, Fitzrovia 

Pasta lovers, this one is for you. With most of the food imported from Italy, you know you are going to ascend to foodie heaven at Circolo Popolare.

Come for the fresh pasta served in a giant cheese wheel, or enjoy a classic pizza.

Warning: It might be a little difficult to get a table there as everyone on TikTok has decided this restaurant is the post-lockdown place to be.

Awesome Chips, Wood Green 

Did you know that chunky fries are an Amsterdam delicacy? You learn something new everyday.

Since it’s not really convenient to leave the country right now, you can settle for a local version in Wood Green.

The store allows you to combine over 30 different spices and sauces to create a a gloriously unique taste.

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