Woman creates a HUGE KFC gravy fountain for her garden party

THIS woman bought over 30 containers of gravy from KFC and made a gravy fountain for her and her friends to dip fried chicken into. 

While some commenters think the gravy fountain is proof that “heaven is real”, others say it’s “rancid”.

The Tiktok user filled a fountain with KFC gravyCredit: @user7737999479599/Tiktok

A Tiktok user who goes by the name misstj1999 showed how she created her gravy fountain as a centrepiece for her garden party.

First, she shows over 30 containers of KFC gravy, and then she shows the gravy flowing freely as a fountain.

Skewering fried chicken onto a pointed stick, the Tiktok user then dips the chicken into her gravy fountain. 

The video has racked up over 730,000 views, and commenters cannot believe this KFC fan’s party piece.

She bought over 30 tubs of gravy for her fountain

She bought over 30 tubs of gravy for her fountainCredit: @user7737999479599/Tiktok

“Am I the only one who thinks it looks class”, wrote one commentor, who loved the look of the gravy fountain. 

Another fan wrote: “Now we have proof heaven is real.”

One viewer simply said: “I WANT IT.”

“That gravy fountain is a work of genius”, wrote another viewer.

Some, however, were not on board with the idea.

“That’s rancid”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “That’s rank mate.”

“This gravy literally tastes like old grandads”, joked one commenter.

The KFC-enthusiast dipped chicken into the fountain

The KFC-enthusiast dipped chicken into the fountainCredit: @user7737999479599/Tiktok

“I feel sick”, commented one viewer.

Some, however, felt that the Tiktok user didn’t deserve to receive so much negative attention for her party food.

“Literally why is everyone hating, they are having fun and you aren’t the one eating it”, reasoned one commenter.

“These comments did NOT pass the vibe check. Wow. I hope you guys had the BEST time”, said another viewer.

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