Woman horrified after finding brother’s untouched lunchbox from start of lockdown & the 14-month-old banana is ‘deadly’

AFTER we all had to leave our workplaces rather suddenly back in March 2020, we can’t be the only ones who have spent a crazy amount of time pondering the state of the packet of biscuits we left in our desk drawer.

That said, one American school student has managed to one-up us after he failed to empty his lunchbox in over 14 MONTHS. *shivers*

The teen realised he’s left his lunchbox on his school bag after 14 MONTHS

Over the weekend, the teenager’s sister exposed the sorry state of this grim lunchbox in a series of viral TikTok videos.

In the first clip, Rachel Stecia, 21, wrote: “It’s my brother’s first in person day back at school since 13 March 2020.


In typical teenage boy fashion, Rachel’s brother left the lunchbox in his school bag during lockdown.

The 'deadly' banana no longer resembled a piece of fruit

The ‘deadly’ banana no longer resembled a piece of fruit

The sandwich held up fairly well

The sandwich held up fairly well

And unsurprisingly, it was left up to his mum to clear out the disgusting contents.

But she didn’t let him get away that easy – and took photographic evidence of the “science experiment”.

In a separate clip, Rachel shared grim photos of what was inside the box – including a “deadly” black banana which no longer resembles a piece of fruit and a sandwich which held up fairly well all things considered.

One user joked: “Y’all BETTER send that to Pfizer to create a new vaccine.”

The videos racked up MILLIONS of views

The videos racked up MILLIONS of views

Another added: “My dad would make me eat it!”

“I would have thrown the whole thing away,” a third said. “Lunchbox included.”

While one said “that s**t is deadly”, another mused: “There’s no way I’m going to be that kind of mum – kid can clean his own mess.”

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