You can now buy a £3 ‘wine wand’ that claims to reduce hangovers

Simply pop it in your glass (Picture: Amazon)

While we are incredibly grateful pubs, restaurants and bars have reopened, we had slightly forgotten about hangovers – after almost a year off social drinking. 

Thankfully, a new product aims to flush out grogginess the morning after a big night. 

A £3 wind wand, being sold on Amazon, claims to alleviate all the classic hangover symptoms, such as headaches, congestion, flushed skin and an upset stomach.

Simply insert the wand into your glass of vino and it’ll get to work removing histamines and sulphite preservatives (essentially the stuff that makes you feel rubbish afterwards).

Manufacturers say it works on all wine types – including red and sparkling varieties – without changing the taste, smell or colour of the beverage. They also state that it can purify and aerate a glass of wine in just three minutes.

It’s also incredibly portable and fits nicely into a purse or pocket – so is easy to take on-the-go.

The nifty contraption also claims to restore oxidised wine to its natural state, using Patented Phoenix technology – so you don’t need to throw away any open bottles.

It’s worth pointing out that while each wand costs £3, they are currently only available in packs – with a set of three coming in at £11.99.

The reviews also seem to suggest the product may not have the desired results.

One person commented: ‘These may work for some, but for me it made absolutely no difference.’

While another added: ‘As someone with histamine problems (mast cell) this didn’t work at all.’

But others have had a more positive experience.

One person said: ‘This product works. No headache/migraine after drinking wine. I can finally enjoy a glass of wine with a meal.’

Another individual chipped in: ‘Did exactly what it said on the box and I used because I have an intolerance to sulphite and lactose and I didn’t have any reaction, so far so good. The wine tasted better after use.’

So the jury is still out.

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