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BORIS Johnson announced that plans for the final stage of pandemic restrictions ending will NOT go ahead as hoped for on June 21 and will be delayed until July 19.

However, lockdown could end two weeks early on July 5 if Covid data continues to improve.

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Boris could end restrictions as soon as July 5Credit: Rex

This means Brits could be hitting the dancefloor of nightclubs, having the wedding of their dreams or propping up the bar at their local for the Euro 2020 final after more than a year of harsh restrictions.

Boris Johnson is said to be open to ending the restrictions early after growing evidence shows forecasting used by government scientists was too pessimistic.

The effectiveness of the vaccines has proved to be far more successful than the scientists who drew up the alarming models thought.

While ministers believe a July 19 reopening remains the most likely option, a government source has said a two-week ‘review point’ demanded by Boris Johnson will now be a ‘genuine review of the data’, which could lead to Freedom Day being brought forward to July 5.

Here we have a look at what life could look like from July 5 if Covid data improves and lockdown is lifted early…


Weddings could finally have no guest limits on July 5

Weddings could finally have no guest limits on July 5Credit: Alamy

Despite the delay to Freedom Day, the PM announced the wedding guest limit will be lifted from June 21.

The current rules allow up to 30 people to attend weddings and civil partnership ceremonies.

But this cap will be scrapped from June 21, with venues allowed to choose safe numbers.

Government guidance advising against dancing except for the couple’s first dance will remain in place from June 21.

Boogying has been advised against due to the risk of Covid transmission.

No dancefloor is allowed if the venue is indoors, although outdoors on private land it is not illegal, despite being advised against.

Choirs, bands, or musicians may perform in a group of up to six indoors, or up to 30 outdoors.

But communal singing is not allowed among guest at weddings.

That means no hymns or songs are allowed to be sung during the ceremony.

But if all goes well, these rules could be thrown out just two weeks later.

If the data improves, by July 5 weddings would have no restrictions – meaning couples can have as many guests as they like.

Guests will be able to sing and dance their hearts out and bands, djs, choirs and dancefloors will finally return.


Nightclubs could finally reopen on July 5

Nightclubs could finally reopen on July 5Credit: Alamy

Nightclubs were gearing up to welcome Brits back next Monday and bounce back after 15 months of Covid closures.

But the PM announced that Covid restrictions won’t fully lift until next month.

It means nightclubs will remain closed – more than a year after they were forced to shut their doors.

But from July 5, this could all change.

Nightclubs would be able to finally welcome back drinkers, partygoers and dancers.

Hundreds of thousands of teens who turned 18 during the pandemic will finally be able to celebrate and dance the night away.

Social distancing

Social distancing has plagued fed-up Brits for more than a year – but it could all come to an end in a matter of weeks.

Currently Brits are still only able to meet up in groups of six indoors.

And just 30 friends and family can gather outdoors.

The police can crack down on those who flout the rules, including issuing fines of up to £6,400 for repeat offenders.

But from July 5, if given the go ahead from Boris Johnson, social distancing could be scrapped for good.

There would be no limit on people meeting up indoors and outdoors.

Brits will finally be able to celebrate surviving an incredibly tough year living through draconian measures together.


Pubs could have no restrictions in time for the Euro 2020 final

Pubs could have no restrictions in time for the Euro 2020 finalCredit: Alamy

To the delight of punters and landlords alike, social distancing measures being scrapped will mean pubs will finally be back to normal.

Currently only six people can sit and have a pint together indoors and drinkers can only order by table service.

However, if all goes well Brits could be propping up the bar at their local by July 5.

Punters will be able to return to bar stools up and down the country and chat to bar staff while enjoying a pint.

Friends will be able to gather in large groups and can pop from table to table speaking to mates.

And with the Euro 2020 final finally taking place on July 11, if restrictions are dropped on July 5, it means football fans can crowd into pubs and bars without sitting down to watch the match.

Cinemas & theatres

Theatres could be at full capacity on July 5

Theatres could be at full capacity on July 5Credit: Alamy

Theatres and cinemas continue to be restricted to just 50 per cent capacity.

Boris’s announcement that the easing of restrictions would be delayed was yet another blow to an already devastated industry.

Singer Frank Turner, who has raised money for struggling small music venues, said the delay would “tip some businesses into final collapse”.

Finally, musicians, actors and dancers will be able to get back to what they love if restrictions are eased on July 5.

And fans will finally return to theatres in the West End at full capacity.


Staycation restrictions could be loosened on July 5

Staycation restrictions could be loosened on July 5Credit: Getty – Contributor

According to the original roadmap, June 21 would have included the final unlocking of the travel industry in England, as well as an end to limits on social distancing.

That was pushed back – but could happen on July 5.

Currently, it is legal to stay overnight in the same property as up to six people from different households, or an unlimited number of people from two households.

That cap will be removed next month, with no limits on the number of people sharing a holiday home together or staying overnight in someone’s house.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to opt for a staycation this summer rather than abroad because of unpredictable foreign travel rules.

A new scheme is also being launched later this year which will offer cheap train tickets and discounted tourist attractions for Brits, to encourage staycation holidays.


It is not known if masks will be axed next month

It is not known if masks will be axed next monthCredit: Alamy

Wearing masks has become a regular part of our lives, with Covid-19 measures dictating we wear them on public transport, in shops, cafes and pubs.

But under Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, face masks could be scrapped as soon as July 5.

However, despite Boris’s roadmap he set out earlier this year, it is possible that masks are here to stay.

According to a memo, seen by Politico, Britain may have to have some Covid curbs for months to come as the country learns to live with the virus.

It says that Face masks may have to continue in some settings long-term.

Foreign travel 

Holidays abroad look like they are off the cards for the foreseeable

Holidays abroad look like they are off the cards for the foreseeableCredit: Alamy

Holidays abroad may not return before August, travel experts have warned, with both Spain and Turkey tourist officials told not to expect the return of Brits before the end of summer.

Only Gibraltar, Iceland and Israel are open to Brits with few restrictions, with some flight and holiday bookings soaring.

Shadow Trade Secretary Emily Thornberry warned that foreign holidays are “very unlikely” to go ahead while Environment Secretary George Eustice said Brits should stay at home this summer as the spread of the Indian variant has wrecked plans to reopen travel.

He also said it was unlikely that any countries would be added to the UK’s green list anytime soon, quashing hopes of a trip abroad next month without quarantine restrictions.

Countries abroad are already welcoming Brits back despite the UK travel warning with Spain and Portugal lowering entry restrictions for UK arrivals.

Fully vaccinated Brits can also visit France with just an antigen test.

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