Pub rules for punters from July 19 including Wetherspoons and Young’s

BRITAIN’S boozers can tear up Covid rules from July 19 when Freedom Day rolls out – but some are keeping a number of measures in place.

Boris Johnson announced a showering of freedoms to be rolled out in two weeks’ time, which includes ditching masks and social distancing.

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It comes as a big boost to cash-strapped pubs looking to claw back lost cash due to the Covid crisis.

Boozers will be able to serve punters at the bar and stop making customers check in via the NHS Covid app when rules lift.

But while businesses won’t be fined for not enforcing the Covid-secure measures, the PM said that they could still choose to keep them in place.

It means that you could be asked to stick to restrictions when taking a trip to your local even after Freedom Day rolls out.

The Sun has asked Britain’s favourite boozers what will happen in pubs after July 19.

The majority are still working out details of what venues will look like after all restrictions are lifted.

Here’s what we know about the rules after Freedom Day so far.


All Covid will be lifted across Young’s’ 273 pubs from July 19.

Customers and staff will be able to ditch masks, but can still choose to wear them if they want.

Punters can order at the bar again and won’t have to wait to be served at their table.

Social distancing will be axed as well, meaning you won’t have to queue outside during busier times.

However, the boozer said it would still maintain high hygiene standards, keeping in place more frequent cleaning and hand sanitiser stations at pub entrances.

Young’s chief executive Patrick Dardis said: “The summer is back on, all we need now is the weather to perk up.”


Wetherspoons hasn’t yet confirmed whether it will rip up the Covid rules across its 870 pubs.

A spokesperson said: “We will look into what the government is proposing later this week, having discussed with pub teams during our calls on pubs in the interim.

What are the rules in pubs now?

UNTIL July 19, you’ll still have to stick to the rules in place when visiting your local pub.

Here’s what the current restrictions are in Britain’s boozers:

  • You can only meet up in groups of six inside pubs, bars and restaurants
  • Groups of 30 people can drink together outside
  • You have stay at your table to get food or drink
  • Apps and QR codes for menus and ordering have been put in place by pubs and restaurants to reduce contact between customers and staff
  • Staff have to wear PPE such as face masks and gloves when they are providing service.
  • Customers have to wear face masks when they are inside, for example when going to the toilet.
  • You must check in using the NHS Covid app.


“In broad terms, Wetherspoon, like the industry, welcomes with open arms, any signs of normality.”

Currently, punters have to follow a number of rules in place at ‘Spoons, and the chain has a reduced menu in place.

You don’t have to book ahead for your table, you just turn up – but it might mean you’ll have to queue outside for a spare space to come available.


Fullers has over 200 boozers across the country, but hasn’t confirmed whether it will be ditching restrictions from Freedom Day.

It is yet to share whether it will lift social distancing in its pubs, which limits how many punters can drink in its bars.

It is not known whether the boozers will let staff and customers ditch masks.


Marston’s has around 700 pubs, but hasn’t confirmed whether it will lift restrictions across its branches.

It hasn’t said whether punters will be able to get served at the bar.

But it could still keep it’s digital table service, called “Marston’s Tap”, going even when Covid restrictions list.


O’Neill’s hasn’t confirmed its plans for after Freedom Day.

But all its pubs have been following Covid rules, meaning customers have been wearing masks when not sat at their tables and keeping to the rule-of-six.

Greene King

Greene King hasn't confirmed what will happen after July 19

Greene King hasn’t confirmed what will happen after July 19Credit: Getty

Greene King also hasn’t confirmed what will happen after July 19.

The chain has 1,700 boozers across the UK, and Brits have had to book their tables in advance at the pub.

City Pub Group 

City Pub Group has 45 pubs across the UK, but some measures will still be in place when you visit your nearest one even after Covid rules are lifted.

Staff and customers will be encouraged to wear masks, and punters will be encouraged to order through the City App and stick to their tables.

But punters can order at the bar if they choose to, and social distancing measures will not apply.

City Pub Group chairman Clive Watson said: “July 19 has been dubbed Freedom Day, however in our view it should not be a ‘free for all day’ […] it is not like flicking a switch back to 2019.”

Every pub-goer must now also check in with the NHS Covid app to get a pint.

This also means that pub-goers will be told to book a test immediately if they sit near Covid drinker in a pub.

Social distancing remains in place in pubs, bars and restaurants with signage in place to remind customers.

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