When is the next UK green list travel update?

A new green list travel announcement is due this week, allowing Brits to plan for their foreign holidays.

The green list is part of the UK’s traffic light scheme allowing holidays to go ahead with few restrictions for British travellers – here is the latest.

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Portugal is currently on the UK’s green listCredit: Getty

When is the next green list travel announcement?

The next travel update was expected to take place on June 24, but a No.10 spokesperson has now confirmed that the review will happen by June 28.

The last review of the list was on June 3.

There is no guarantee more countries will be added to the list – and there is every chance some may be taken off.

There are currently 11 countries and territories which have been put on the green list for England, after Portugal was removed from the list on June 3.

Despite hopes that Malta could be added, the government did not put any more countries on the green list in its last review.

Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; Brunei; Iceland; Faroe Islands; Gibraltar; Falkland Islands; and Israel are all on the list.

Portugal has been removed from the green list

Portugal has been removed from the green listCredit: Alamy

Which countries are expected to be added to the green list?

The Sun has reported that Brits are “unlikely” to be able to jet to any new green list countries after this week’s review.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is not currently planning to open up more holiday favourites.

The best travellers can hope for is a few ‘red’ countries, turning amber.

A source said: “It’s very unlikely any country will go green this week.

“All the focus seems to be on making sure domestic restrictions are lifted, with a focus on tourism abroad later in the summer.” 

Greece has seen a jump in Covid cases, so is off the green list for now

Greece has seen a jump in Covid cases, so is off the green list for nowCredit: EPA

Which countries are currently on the green list?

Portugal was removed from the list at the last review, bringing the green list down to 11.

They are:

While New Zealand and Australia are on the list – they have their own entry requirements and are unlikely to let in tourists at the moment.

What is the government’s criteria for green list countries?

President Emmanuel Macron wants to largely reopen France by June 30, 2021

President Emmanuel Macron wants to largely reopen France by June 30, 2021Credit: AFP

Factors taken into account for green list countries include the number of people vaccinated and Covid infection rates.

Variants of concern and the ability of countries to identify them are also being taken into account.

The green rating means travellers do not have to quarantine when they return to the UK, making planning a trip easier this summer.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has questioned the UK designating the UAE as a red travel destination.

The UAE is home to over 120,000 British citizens who work and live in the Emirates, and over 5,000 British businesses, with over 1.2million Brits visiting each year.

Mansoor Abulhoul, Ambassador to the UK, said: “We have the second-fastest vaccination rate, one of the world’s most intensive testing systems, and are combating the spread of concerning variants by restricting entry from high-risk countries.

“We are disappointed by this outcome and hope the UAE’s status will be reconsidered at the next opportunity.

“Summer is a key season for Emiratis and the hundreds of thousands of Britons living in the UAE to visit the UK.

“We hope to re-connect the families and friends separated by the pandemic as well as resume the vital trade and tourism links between our countries.”

Spain to ditch Covid tests for Brits from May 20 if UK maintains rate of infection below 50 cases per 100,000 people


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