What does the King of Sword tarot card mean?

The King of Swords sits atop his throne, staring forward, as though ready to face whatever life has in store for him.

He wields a sword in his right hand, the hand of the conscious, reasoning mind, and directs it to the left, the subconscious, intuitive mind’s side.

This represents the King’s decisiveness in all matters, as well as his flexibility; while he takes decisions based mostly on his logical understanding, he also listens to his intuition.

The King is dressed in a blue tunic that represents his thirst for spiritual enlightenment, and a purple cape that represents his compassion and wisdom. Butterflies, crescent moons, and an angel hover near the back of his throne.

The King of Swords advises one to traverse the route ahead using reasoning and intellect. They’ll need to make firm, well-researched decisions and maintain a level of fairness in interactions with others. One must be able to take any scenario and assess it objectively before making a fair and informed conclusion.

Often times, the King of Swords represents a professional counselor, such as a solicitor or attorney, financial adviser, or taxes consultant, is frequently represented by the King of Swords.

The counselor is supposed to be unbiased and will provide you with well-researched recommendations based on his experience and innate understanding of the rules, procedures, and structures. Unless it is directly related to his skill set, he may come across as aloof or uninterested in your personal situations.

What is the King of Swords reversed meaning?

The reversed King of Swords indicates silent power. One may not be the loudest or most noticeable person in the room or on public platforms.

They, on the other hand, have a lot to contribute and share in their own unique and spectacular way. Strength and authority come from within, from one’s steadfast faith in themselves, a strong connection to their beliefs, and determination to speak the truth.

However, the King of Swords reversed can occasionally indicate a misuse of authority. One may have amassed a lot of power and influence, but it’s all gone to straight to the head, and their ego is now in charge.

They could be using their abilities to influence or persuade people to meet personal wants by withholding affection or support as a kind of punishment. Alternatively, one could be exploiting their superior intellect to make others feel inadequate or disadvantaged.

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What are the King of Swords tarot card keywords?

The King of Swords upright keywords are mental clarity, intellectual power, authority and truth.

The King of Swords reversed keywords are quiet power, inner truth, misuse of power, manipulation


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