When is Jupiter in retrograde in 2021 and what does it mean for your star sign?

PLANETS in retrograde do tend to stir up trouble, but luckily this year’s Jupiter in retrograde shouldn’t hit quite so hard as Mercury.

Find out when this retrograde is happening and what to expect from it based on your star sign.

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Jupiter retrograde is a time for reflection and growthCredit: Getty

When is Jupiter in retrograde in 2021? 

Jupiter retrograde is due to begin on June 20 and it will last until October 18, meaning that this retrograde will rule all of summer 2021 and much of autumn. The planet Jupiter governs our social rather than personal sphere, meaning that the effects of this retrograde will be felt on a larger scale (e.g. family, society, and the world at large). 

But don’t worry too much — in general, it is thought that Jupiter retrograde is a time to inspire reflection, growth, and deeper thought. There may also be confusion and stress rising to the surface, but this is likely to stimulate positive change and lead to new opportunities opening up, so get ready!

What does it mean for your star sign?


Extroverted Aries may find this Jupiter retrograde season a bit challenging. You’d rather keep on going full speed ahead, but this period calls for a reassessment. Pay attention to the goals you have set yourself and be ready to let go of what you no longer need.


Jupiter retrograde will probably spark some deep reflection and important change. This could prove frustrating to your sense of stability and routine, but you will get through this period with your calm acceptance.

Jupiter retrograde will begin on June 20 and it will last until October 18

Jupiter retrograde will begin on June 20 and it will last until October 18Credit: Getty


You are all about change, Gemini, so you will find adjusting to this period no problem. Use the energies of Jupiter retrograde to help you go even deeper. You can expect a lot of insight and powerful revelations this season.


You are already very well connected with your inner world so this Jupiter retrograde probably won’t bring much that is new or surprising your way. At the same time, make sure you stay grounded in reality because there could be a tendency to slip off into daydreams.


Your optimism and self-confidence will be great tools to help get you through this Jupiter retrograde. You may find it challenging to see the bigger picture this season, but stick with it and you will find hope on the other side.


Practical-minded Virgo isn’t afraid to do what’s necessary or roll with the punches. This Jupiter retrograde, you will enjoy the challenges that come your way because they will provide you a break from the norm.


You may find it difficult to maintain a well-rounded balance this Jupiter retrograde, but try to see this season as an exciting opportunity to learn and to better yourself. You will get through these months with calm and grace.


You are the sort of person who is determined to thrive no matter what the odds. This Jupiter retrograde, you will find yourself plumbing even greater depths than usual — just don’t forget to check in on your loved ones because they can be important sources of support.


The challenges brought to you this Jupiter retrograde season are likely to play to your strengths. Use this time to help carry you forward rather than becoming too slowed down. At the same time, invite reflection and look for opportunities to expand your sense of self.


This Jupiter retrograde, you are likely to find strength in your own powers of resilience. This period of reflection will provide the perfect time to check in with your goals and make new plans if necessary.


You may find it challenging to deal with new emotions that come up during this Jupiter retrograde. You will be able to rely on the powers of your intellect, but be aware that others may not be as clear-thinking as you are.


This Jupiter retrograde brings the strong potential for creativity and dreaming. You may find that new ideas come to you easily. At the same time, if you’re not moving forward you could become frustrated, so try your best to embody patience this retrograde season.

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