Which famous faces have the Virgo star sign?

VIRGOS are known for being ruthless perfectionists, so it’s no surprise that these celebs have stopped at nothing to get where they are today.

Read on to discover which celebrities, born between August 24 and April 22, fall under the earth sign of Virgo.

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It should come as no surprise that driven and hard-working Beyoncé is a VirgoCredit: Splash

1. Beyoncé

Top of our list is Queen Bey, one of the most driven and hard-working Virgos we’ve ever seen! She is constantly outdoing herself and rising above challenges with true Virgo flair.

2. Jennifer Hudson

Not only does Jennifer Hudson have a massively successful career but, like a true Virgo, she’s always striving to improve herself.

3. Keanu Reeves

This star actor is also known for being extremely down-to-earth. Must be the grounded influence of his star sign!

4. Prince Harry

This royal is all earth, with his Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, and Capricorn rising.

5. Blake Lively

Astrologically speaking, Blake Lively’s Virgo sign is the perfect match for Scorpio husband Ryan Reynolds.

These signs balance each other out, with Virgo’s patience and practicality softening the hard edge of Scorpio’s emotional intensity, and vice versa.

Keanu Reeves embodies the down-to-earth energy of his Virgo sign

Keanu Reeves embodies the down-to-earth energy of his Virgo signCredit: Getty

6. Colin Firth

This actor has always had a soothing presence on screen. We think it’s due to his gentle Virgo energy.

7. Richard Gere

Another longtime heartthrob who still manages to radiate calm and comforting vibes despite his fame. Definitely a Virgo.

8. Melissa McCarthy

This actor and comedian is also a typical multi-tasking Virgo, having devoted time to working on her own fashion line alongside an acting career.

9. Ava DuVernay

This dedicated Virgo is best known for directing the film Selma — and she got a Golden Globe directing nom for her hard work, too.

10. Idris Elba

Versatile actor Idris Elba was dubbed by Esquire ‘the hardest working man in showbiz.’ That kind of title could only ever go to a Virgo.

11. Chris Pine

With his Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, Chris Pine exudes down-to-earth charm as well as heightened emotional sensitivity.

Versatile Virgo Idris Elba was dubbed 'the hardest working man in showbiz'

Versatile Virgo Idris Elba was dubbed ‘the hardest working man in showbiz’Credit: Getty

12. Jack Black

Famous actor, comedian and musician Jack Black proves once and for all that Virgos don’t necessarily shy away from cente stage.

13. Cameron Diaz

Highly-driven Diaz has moved on from a successful acting career to other pursuits, including publishing health books and launching an organic wine company.

14. Michael Keaton

True to the driven nature of his sign, Keaton never stops trying to outdo himself in every role that he plays.

15. Salma Hayek

Best known for her starring role in the movie Frida, Salma Hayek exudes the typically driven but grounded energy of her Virgo sign.

Retiring from acting hasn't stopped Virgo Cameron Diaz from trying to achieve more

Retiring from acting hasn’t stopped Virgo Cameron Diaz from trying to achieve moreCredit: Getty Images – Getty

16. Shania Twain

The Queen of Country Pop also has her Moon in the sign of Libra, giving her a caring energy and a desire for connection with others.

17. Adam Sandler

Famous comedy actor and Virgo Adam Sandler seems to be always looking for the next challenge in his career.

18. Bill Murray

This Virgo celebrity also has his Moon in the quirky sign of Aquarius, giving him an eccentric edge.

19. Gloria Estefan

Singer Gloria Estefan has her Sun as well as her Mercury in the practical sign of Virgo, while a Moon in Sagittarius accentuates her optimistic side.

20. Pink

Virgo pop singer Pink is known for her eclectic style, which we think is down to her fiery Aries Moon.

21. Tom Hardy

Actor Tom Hardy definitely radiates the put-together suaveness of a detail-oriented Virgo.

22. Evan Rachel Wood

With her Sun, Venus and Mars all in the sign of Virgo, it’s no wonder this famous actor exudes down-to-earth charm.

23. Amy Poehler

Multi-talented Amy Poehler is without a doubt diligent and hard-working, true to her Virgo sign.

24. Stephen King

We think it’s probably a combination of his Virgo discipline and the confidence of his Sagittarius Moon that has made Stephen King one of the most successful and best-known authors in the world.

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