Nip and Tuck: 5 of the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


Are you happy with your body? Or perhaps you’re just curious about what is available these days. Maybe you have some spare cash to burn. Cosmetic surgery could be for you.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are great and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some procedures like the tummy tuck are designed for people who are overweight whilst another popular cosmetic surgery is for older people who want to look young.

But if you are going under the knife which cosmetic surgery procedure should you choose? Here’s everything you need to know.  

1. LipoSuction 

Like many other surgeries, liposuction is performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist and plastic surgeon.

This cosmetic surgery, liposuction, is applied to specific parts of the patient’s body, such as legs, thighs, thighs to remove excess fat. In many cases associated with breast augmentation in men, cosmetic surgery involves removing excess breast tissue through liposuction or mastectomy.

2. Breast Reduction Surgery 

Surgical breast augmentation for women has become very popular: more than 300,000 procedures are performed in America every year. Surgery to reduce excess tissue in a man’s breast. This is a lifelong treatment for most men, especially if the increase in tissue is related to the person’s genetics. More and more men want a more sculpted and masculine chest area.   

In addition, many Aetna plans state that certain surgeries are not considered cosmetic surgery (for example, surgery to correct trauma, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, breast augmentation for gender dysphoria, surgery to create congenital defects such as cleft lip, or cleft lip taste) .

Please note that many health care plans do not apply to all cosmetic surgeries that may be considered out of coverage.

These statistics represent procedures performed by surgeons who are members of ASPS. This is an accredited body accredited by the American Board of Medical Professionals (ABMS).     

What Happens During Surgery? 

In breast reduction surgery, plastic surgeons use liposuction to remove excess fat and reposition the areola and nipple.     

Men with very large man breasts may require surgery that includes an extra procedure to reduce excess skin; otherwise, loose skin may be visible. The typical patient will undergo this after they’ve lost a lot of weight. 

Some women choose a lift and implant procedure if their breasts are noticeably smaller than they were before weight loss or pregnancy. So some women should postpone this operation until they come of age.      

We also need to balance the possible need for a second operation after further growth. The surgeon needs to decide whether to perform the operation early and risk further growth, or postpone the operation and resolve the emotional problems associated with large breasts.

Although parents are legally responsible for their teenagers, the impulse for surgery must come from the patient.     

 3. Tummy Tucks

A few patients that have seen their waist and abdominal area become flabby or flabby are considering correcting the problem with abdominoplasty or popular cosmetic surgery. 

A Tummy Tuck, also known as a lower body lift, removes excess skin in the abdomen and strengthens the remaining skin. The tummy tuck procedure involves a plastic surgeon who removes excess skin from the patient’s abdominal body and tightens the remaining skin.     

The surgeon can then tighten the muscles and skin with a pinch and fold. excess skin is cut off by lifting the nipple so that it does not fall out. The skin that used to be above the areola is pulled down and joined underneath to reshape the breast.     

4. Fillers and Botox 

Fillers that do not contain hyaluronic acid are the most popular procedure after Botox. This is because Botox is a toxin and does have a bad reputation. 

The compound is injected – the result lasts for 3 months on areas with “high mobility”, such as lips, and up to a year on the “smile lines” around the nose. Yoon says the skin looks better but the effect only lasts for about a year.     

When cheek fat removal surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon and a suitable candidate, the surgery is not dangerous and can produce effective results.

Therefore, many doctors treat people who are already very thin. Schafer acknowledged that the risk of surgery is high, but he also said that if a qualified plastic surgeon performs BBL surgery on a suitable candidate, it is safe.     

5. The Facelift 

One of the most famous treatments, a facelift, can help erase years from your appearance so you look younger. Several patients who opt for a facelift also undergo other operations like eyelid surgery, eyebrow lift, botox injections, and skin peels to enhance their youthful image.

A facelift is often combined with another procedure such as an eyebrow lift, eyelid shaping, or skin exfoliation to improve the patient’s youthful appearance. However, the most popular procedure for smoothing expression lines is still a pinch.      

Cosmetic Surgery Is Big Business 

Doctors most likely to perform surgical procedures are generating big sums.

According to data from the American Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2011 the country performed more than 9 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. From 2% in 2015 to 1.7 million operations in 2014, the biggest peaks were abdominal plastic surgery, breast augmentation, and liposuction.     

US doctors perform more than five times more non-surgical procedures than surgery, performing 3.6 million cycles of Botox (and other non-branded injectable neuromodulators), as well as 1.7 million injections of Juvederm, Restylane, and similar fillers.

This shows cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments is big business.

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