Bride Fires Her Sister’s Four-Year-Old As A Flower Girl Due To ‘Poor Performance’, But She Believes It Was Pure Racism

Imagine sheer joy in a child’s eyes after hearing they’ll be a flower girl for their aunt’s wedding. Sadly, for one excited 4-year-old, the dream was over before it could begin.

“I was kinda nervous when she asked me and my daughter (4) to be bridesmaids in February because I knew she was gonna be a massive bridezilla,” wrote the bride’s sister about her initial suspicions in a lengthy post on the AITA subreddit. Over the course of a few months, they “had to practice multiple dances, pay for very expensive dresses and put up with her tantrums,” she added.

At one point during the whole preparation, the bride decided that her little niece was in fact not good enough to be a flower girl and could only attend the ceremony as a guest. In fact, the bride was afraid of the 4-year-old “messing everything up.” As you can imagine, this didn’t end there.

The family conflict escalated and soon the mom of the fired flower girl realized there was a much more nasty reason why the bride canceled her daughter.

Image credits: Pexels (not the actual photo)

The last few months of preparation for the sister’s wedding weren’t easy on the author and her little daughter

So imagine how it felt after the author was told that her 4-year-old wasn’t good enough and was “gonna mess things up”

But it seemed like the bride didn’t care about how her flower girl would feel after hearing the news

And it was just heartbreaking for the kid

It turns out, the bride saw this post on the AITA subreddit and got really upset so she showed up at the author’s job

The author has added some revealing updates after her sister’s photographer reached out to her

Shockingly, it turned out, the reason why the 4-year-old was fired from being a flower girl goes deeper than not being good enough

Luckily, the author received support from her parents and other family members

In the end, the author addressed the critics and bullies

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