Dad Misses His Daughter’s Wedding Because He Wanted To Walk His Stepdaughter Down The Aisle, Now His Daughter Won’t Talk To Him

A man left his daughter disappointed and angry after he missed most of her wedding because he had attended his stepdaughter’s instead.

The man, Reddit user OddRip2252, posted his story on r/AITA, saying that he did everything in his power to please them both: his stepdaughter sent out a save-the-date for her wedding, and then his daughter sent out her own a week later.

But the problem was they both fell on the same weekend, with the stepdaughter’s wedding taking place a day before the daughter’s, and both had requested that the man walk them down the aisle.

Even though they were a 13-hour drive apart, the man thought he could attend both. However, he didn’t account for getting lost and spending so much of his precious time in traffic.

The man ultimately turned to Reddit to speak of his unimaginable dilemma, and ask if “he was the ***hole” in the situation or not.

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After the story went viral, people had many questions, so OddRip2252 decided to make a comment and address a few points.

“Yes, I didn’t know about dates until my stepdaughter announced hers,” he said. “My daughter was invited to stepdaughter’s wedding but obviously she couldn’t attend.”

“Now I am regretting not leaving earlier. But my close friend’s wife who helped plan my stepdaughter’s wedding told me it’s extremely rude for the father of the bride to leave early. It was a mistake listening to her,” the Redditor explained.

He did believe a 2-hour buffer would be enough. Especially since he took traffic into consideration. “I just didn’t expect to get lost and for traffic to be worse than normal.”

Quite a few people have also asked why didn’t he book a flight. After all, money didn’t seem to be an issue; he gave his daughter and her husband enough to go to Japan.

“A flight would’ve taken longer because of the drive to and from the airport,” he explained.

The majority of commenters said OddRip2252 was a jerk for handling the situation the way he did. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

People, in fact, think he was the ***hole


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