Dad says we’ve been ‘using the baby gate wrong’ with hack to buy you some peace & people think it’s genius

A DAD joked that we’ve been using baby gates wrong all along as he shared a hack for how to get some peace when spending time with the kids.

People think it’s absolute genius and can’t wait to try it for themselves.

The dad uses baby gates to lock himself away and watch the footyCredit: imgur

The dad shared an image of himself walled in by baby gates, watching the footy with a few drinks in front of him.

Though his kids are in the room, they can’t reach their dad, as he’s penned inside the gates. 

This way the dad is able to enjoy the football without having to put up with little ones grabbing his attention.

The picture was reposted into Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas and got thousands of responses.

Many said they couldn’t wait to try the hack for themselves.

“We may need to do this so we can eat in peace”, wrote one commenter.

Another said: “this could be an idea lol.”

“Legend! I’ll try it tomorrow”, agreed a third. 

Some commenters said they had actually tried the hack.

She wrote: “Actually tried this – does NOT work.. The bigger the incentive to get over/through it, the likelier it is they will succeed!”

One commenter disagreed, saying it was successful when she tried it: “I actually did do this some 45 years ago just so I could read the paper in peace for once.”

Another viewer confirmed that the hack has been around way longer than you might think: “My mum used to set up her ironing board in the playpen and let us crawl around the rest of the room whilst she got the ironing done.”

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