I couldn’t believe how my husband spelt out newborn’s name – it’s not even close to the proper spelling

THERE’S a lot riding on the name you give your newborn, so it’s understandable that most parents spend a long time making sure they’ve picked the perfect one.

But when one couple thought they’d landed on a name for their son the husband threw a massive of a curve ball.

The mum was left baffled when her husband revealed the spelling of the nameCredit: Getty

The mum revealed on Reddit that her husband, Mark, was set on naming the baby after his late grandfather, Zachary.

Although she presumed they’d spell it the same way Mark’s grandfather did, the mum admitted that she wouldn’t mind other spellings like ‘Zakary’.

But her husband had other ideas and revealed that he wanted to spell the name ‘Xaiquiri’ instead, leaving the mum baffled.

She said: “My husband Mark and I are expecting our first child, whom we have been planning on naming Zachary for the short duration of our pregnancy journey.

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“The name is rather meaningful to Mark, as it was his deceased grandfather’s middle name.

“I, on the other hand, just happen to rather enjoy the sound of it. I also happen to favour how common it is.

“Mark and I were recently discussing our future son’s name, as we felt the need to ‘double-check’ everything before our son arrived, as I am seven months along.

“I decided to write the name on Mark’s dry-erase board, just to clarify our decision.”

After the mum wrote the name down her husband was quick to point out that she’d spelt it wrong, but she didn’t realise just how wrong she’d spelt it.

Although she was convinced her partner was joking, it soon became clear how serious he was.

She explained: “Carefully, I asked him if he was joking, but he said no.

“I told him that while his feelings surrounding our son’s name are certainly valid, I did not support his idea of naming our son ‘Xaiquiri’.

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“Unfortunately, he refused to listen, despite my commentary, and insisted on it.

“Eventually, he even said that it was ‘Xaiquiri or nothing’.”

The dad was set on the unusual spelling of the name

The dad was set on the unusual spelling of the nameCredit: Getty


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