I do my kids’ homework for them and have the whole time they’ve been in school, they should be playing not studying

HOMEWORK can be a trial to get through with your children, but one sneaky mum decided to take matters into her own hands.

The mum-of-three, from Australia, told Kidspot that her primary-aged children are expected to do homework because it’s mandatory, but too much is expected of them.

The Aussie mum does all of her children’s homeworkCredit: Getty – Contributor

She says her eldest child has been expected to complete great amounts of homework for four and a half years.

But none of her children have actually been doing their homework – she has.

The mum believes that there is enough pressure put on children enough at school to do well, that she believes the attitude of schools are too full on for young children.

Initially she took her concern to her children’s school, but claimed her concerns weren’t appreciated or listened to, so her children would still have to complete their homework.

She believes that homework puts unnecessary pressure on primary school children

She believes that homework puts unnecessary pressure on primary school childrenCredit: Getty

So she put her foot down and decided to do the homework for them.

As her eldest two children do their work on computers, she does it all – she even colours in for them and makes diagrams.

But with her youngest, she dictates out their homework as all of their work has to be written out.

The mum believes it is important for her children to have fun and play, rather than spending their time drowning in homework.

She knows that her method may not be for everyone and has faced opposition from family and friends.

People who have confronted her claim that it’s important for kids to be doing homework because it helps establish positive working habits.

Others believe the mum is setting a poor example to her kids by having them lie to their teachers.

But she argues that primary schools are setting an unreasonable expectation and pressure in the first place.

She feels that homework only adds to this unrealistic expectation for primary school children, with mountains of work done during the day to extracurricular activities – children are always switched on.

By replacing homework with time to have fun and enjoy themselves, she believes that it’ll take away a load of responsibilities put on her children.

It might not be a conventional method of parenting, but she’s certain it works for her children.

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