I’m a cleaning expert – how lazy mums can get their kids can keep their bedrooms tidy on their own & help on chores

ANY parent knows getting your kids to tidy their own bedrooms can be an uphill battle.

But it turns out it doesn’t have to be, since one cleaning whizz shared how parents can get their little ones to get their own space sparkling clean on their own.

Kids can clean and tidy their own bedrooms if with a few simple tricksCredit: Getty

Lindsay Turford, from Worcestershire, told Fabulous that it’s good to start sooner rather than later when getting kids to help out with cleaning tasks.

“Start off with simple responsibilities from around 4-years-old like ensuring dirty laundry goes in the basket and toys are tidied at the end of the day.

“As time goes on, adding and expanding responsibilities slowly should be simple,” she says.

The trick is to make it part of a daily or weekly routine, rather than springing a big bedroom cleaning day on them out of the blue.

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There are a few ways you can incorporate this into your day-to-day life.

“Whilst you run their evening bath, they have to get the toys put away before it’s ready. Make it a race! Make it fun,” Lindsay suggests.

And as kids get older you can try different ways to incentivise a bit of cleaning, like pocket money, treats and more time with the friends.

But even as kids get older “routine is key,” according to the cleaning whizz.

She suggests having a specific day for bed changing, so they know to strip the bed when they get up in the morning.

“My son has been doing this from around five years old,” she says.

“At around nine or 10 years, you can start adding to this by getting them to put their clean sheets back on again – make this fun buy showing fun ways to put covers back on like the inside out or rolling trick.”

As for dirty laundry, making sure your kids no where it goes early will make a difference to how tidy their bedroom is.

And it’s never too early to teach them about separating the dirty clothes into white and dark either, Lindsay explains.

Slip up cleaning and tidying

Cleaning and tidying are very different things, even though they go hand-in-hand.

“It’s hard to clean when there is mess! Tidying should always come before cleaning,” Lindsay says, and this should be taught to kids as well.

For younger kids, leave the actual cleaning to adults and focus on more basic tasks like not leaving toys on the floor and putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

“Under no circumstances should you encourage young children to use cleaning products,” the keen cleaner warns.

However you can help them clean by “giving them a clean microfibre and a spray bottle of water under supervision.”

“Work together with your child around the room, show them the cloth and what it’s picked up.”

You can even turn it into a game to see who can pick up the most dust, Lindsay suggests.

She adds: “Microfibres also remove bacteria using zero products too! Kinder on the pocket and environment.”

Storage is key

To make things easier for your kids, make sure there’s a place for everything in their bedroom – it’s hard to keep things tidy if there’s nowhere to put thing away, no matter how old you are.

Lindsay suggests storage solutions like the IKEA kallax.

“The Drona boxes can be purchased from as little as £3 and you can easily label these up with ‘Lego, dressing up, action figures, cars,” she says.

Not matter how old your kids are, “Keeping surfaces clear is important,” the cleaning pro says.

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Having a place for everything, froEspecially if your child uses a desk for homework. A tidy and calm zone will make it easier for them to concentrate. 

Also, floor space should be clear. If you have ever stepped on a stray piece of Lego, you’ll know exactly what I mean. 


You can help your kids keep their bedrooms clean with a few daily tasks.

Make the bed

Put away toys

Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket

Clear surfaces

Check for any hidden cups, bowls, snacks or other rubbish

Older kids can make their own bed every morning

Older kids can make their own bed every morningCredit: Getty


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