I’m a mum-of-seven at 24 including THREE sets of twins so I got my tubes tied, people troll me for being a young mum

A MUM-of-seven has revealed she has had to get her tubes tied at the age of 24 after having one child and THREE sets of twins. 

Melissa Lee, who managed to have all of her children in under five years, and has shared her journey with her 16.7k followers on TikTok but has had to fight back trolls.

Melissa Lee has had seven children in under five yearsCredit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

Posting one video, she wrote: “When people talk sh*t about me being 24 with 7 kids.”

She then adds: “At least in my 40’s my kids will be grown and I’ll still be livin (SIC) my best life.”

Melissa also explained that her eldest daughter will be six in November, then her first set of twin boys will be four in October.

Her second set of twins, who are a boy and girl, will be three one in September, then her third set of twins will be one this October. 

Melissa first got pregnant when she was 19 and had a baby girl

Melissa first got pregnant when she was 19 and had a baby girlCredit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

In one video Melissa, who will be 25 in October, said how happy she is for being a young mum, explaining: “At least in my 40s my kids will be grown and I’ll still be livin my best life.” 

And in another, she explained: “Twins run on my side of the family, however my grandma didn’t tell me until my second set of twins were born – and it was her great aunt.

“So it was nobody in my generation, so I didn’t know that we had twins in our family.

“And two, fraternal twins run on the maternal blood line so the father didn’t really contribute anything but the genders when it comes to twins unless you have identical twins, which I do not. 

The now 24-year-old then went on to have three sets of fraternal twins

The now 24-year-old then went on to have three sets of fraternal twinsCredit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

“So, I am the only person to have three sets of twins in my family, or two, or one that we know of for recent times. 

“None of my other female cousins have children, so there is a chance that they could have twins – I guess the future will hold that answer.”

Despite twins running on her grandmother’s side, Melissa is still unsure how she got so lucky. 

She says: “I don’t know how I had three sets of twins in a row, they don’t run in my family, the father has nothing to do with them because fraternal twins are on the maternal bloodline.”

She sometimes gets trolled for having so many children

She sometimes gets trolled for having so many childrenCredit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

Melissa shared her journey with her TikTok fans

Melissa shared her journey with her TikTok fansCredit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

Melissa, who turns 25 in October, has now had her tubes tied

Melissa, who turns 25 in October, has now had her tubes tiedCredit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

And in another video to her fans, she says: “Five year old daughter that wasn’t a twin, and then in 2017 I had a set of twin boys and then 11 months later in 2018 I had a boy, girl set of twins and then October of 2020 I had my third set of twins that are also boy and girl.”

Answering one TikTok user on if she will have any more children, she replied: “No I have got my tubes tied.” 

And some TikTok users have had mixed emotions on how they feel about it.

One user said: “I’m not being judgemental & sorry if it’s rude, but do you feel like you’re able to give each child the love & attention they deserve.” 

How rare is it to have twins?

It is estimated that 1 in 250 natural pregnancies will naturally result in twins. While twin pregnancies can happen by chance, there are some factors that may increase your odds of having two babies at the same time

Identical twins

Identical twins come from a single egg that was fertilized by a single sperm, which then divided into two separate embryos very early in the pregnancy. 

Since both started out as the same cell, they share the same DNA. This is why they often look identical! And they will always be the same sex, either both boys or both girls. 

The chances of having identical twins is relatively rare: 3 or 4 per every 1,000 births.

Fraternal twins

Fraternal twins result when two different eggs are fertilized, each by a different sperm cell. This can happen when a woman produces several eggs (most often two) at the same time. This is called hyperovulation.

Fraternal twins they don’t share the same DNA. They are no more related than regular siblings!

Just like regular siblings, fraternal twins won’t necessarily be the same sex. They can be two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl. And they may or may not look alike, just like brothers and sisters born years apart.

Source note – genetics.thetech.org

She is happy about being a young mum as she will be able to "live her best life"

She is happy about being a young mum as she will be able to “live her best life”Credit: @wickedcyd/Tiktok

Another wrote: “Birth control lol” 

A third wrote: “Don’t even feel bad, you could’ve been more careful! Hopefully all the baby daddies are good to their kids! 

And a fourth wrote: “So in 3 pregnancies you got 6 kids??? Oh hell no! I’d be needing to speak to a manager.”

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