Mrs Hinch shares secret ‘frustration’ at breastfeeding over blocked milk duct a week after giving birth

EMOTIONS and frustrations can run high after giving birth, with Mrs Hinch sharing her struggles with a blocked milk duct.

Mrs Hinch revealed some of the realities of motherhood after giving birth to her second child, Lennie Alan James, just over a week ago.

She shared a heartfelt confession with her fans over her struggle with breastfeedingCredit: mrshinchhome/Instagram

In a heartfelt and brutally honest Instagram story, she opened up about her breastfeeding struggle.

She said: “Good evening every…”

“Our Ron & Len are fast asleep and Henry is napping on the sofa. So I just wanted to say hello. Truth is I’ve managed absolutely nothing this week guys.

“I’ve spent every day feeding and being with my boys. I’m on day 8 of breastfeeding but I have a blocked milk duct so I feel frustrated with myself.

“So a quick reminder for us all that “our best is enough and will ALWAYS be enough”.

Lennie is her second child with husband Jamie

Lennie is her second child with husband JamieCredit: Instagram

The Instagram star couldn't be more in love

The Instagram star couldn’t be more in loveCredit: Instagram

Blocked milk ducts can occur for several reasons.

The issue often presents itself as a small, tender lump on your breast and comes as a result of the breast segments not draining properly after a feed.

The National Childbirth Trust says: “You might get this if your baby has a tongue-tie.

“It might also happen if your baby is not taking your breast into their mouth deeply enough to feed effectively – [which is known as] a ‘shallow latch’.”

The cleaning star, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe – has won legions of fans with her open and honest accounts of her life.

She previously opened up about the pain she experienced during labour, saying that she “screamed the hospital down”.

Mrs Hinch admitted that even though she "screamed the hospital down," it was all worth it in the end

Mrs Hinch admitted that even though she “screamed the hospital down,” it was all worth it in the endCredit: @mrshinchhome/Instagram

Despite all of this, Mrs Hinch has made no secret about the first week of bliss she’s had with Lennie.

She documented the birth with tonnes of photos, from the hospital bed to Lennie laying in his moses basket next to his big brother Ronnie – when they met for the first time.

Mrs Hinch fawned over her two boys in another post, saying: “When Ron & Hen met Len. Honestly I have no words or captions for this moment guys.

“I just know our hearts are so full and we feel on top of the world. Thank you for your beautiful messages everyone. Ron Len & Hen #letsgoboys”.

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Mrs Hinch welcomes son Lennie Alan as she says her ‘heart is so full’


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