Mum admits she makes THREE different dinners for her fussy family every night

WE CAN all relate to having fussy little eaters when it comes to meal times, and the struggle is seriously real.

But rather than putting up a fight, one mum admits to making three different meals to please her kids who refuse to eat what she prepares.

The mum said she will make different meals when her fussy kids don’t want what she cooks herself and her husband, such as tacosCredit: Facebook

So instead, the mum-of-two makes “dinner platters” which consists of various treats her little ones love to eat.

This is in addition to a main meal she cooks for herself and her husband – but people reckon it’s wrong, Mail Online reports.

Proudly showing off her “easy idea”, she wrote on Facebook: “I try to keep them simple and cost affective seeing as we all eat different meals.”

But parents were quick to criticise her “easy approach” to meal times and insisted kids should “eat what’s in front of you”.

Instead of tacos, she will prepares the kids a 'dinner platter' each with food they like to eat

Instead of tacos, she will prepares the kids a ‘dinner platter’ each with food they like to eatCredit: Facebook

“I don’t have the time, patience or money to make separate meals,” one woman said.

With another dad adding: “I used to do that but after travelling through India, and seeing literally starving children and immense suffering it changed my perspective, when I got home if the kids didn’t want it then they could go hungry, about a week later they ate everything I served up.”

Many agreed with the “go to bed hungry” rule if kids refused to eat the meal they were given, and said she should teach her kids to be less picky when it comes to food.

But the mum hit back immediately to defend her choice saying “she likes to do it this way.”

She wrote: “I understand some people use the old ‘eat what you’re given or starve’ and that’s completely fine. I don’t disagree with anyone, I myself am my own person and I like to do it this way.

Many parents slammed the idea but some admitted they do the same

Many parents slammed the idea but some admitted they do the sameCredit: Facebook

“I didn’t ask for hateful comments saying I will ‘regret’ my decisions. I’m happy if my family are happy.”

Some others agreed with her, even admitting to doing the same thing.

“I make different dishes every night also. I don’t like certain foods so I’m sure as hell not going to eat them or starve,” one woman said.

While another jumped to her defence saying: “Look at all these perfect parents. Half of you have probably microwaved party pies and fed them to your kids for dinner. But the moment a mum offers fruit and a sandwich for her child instead of tacos, it’s world war three.”

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